Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Skill by Association?

As many of you readers may know, both my brother and my beloved husband are builders with skill. Wander around Steelhead and Steelhead Harbourside and you will see the many works of my brother (including his pink....yes PINK house....I think it needs flamingos in the front yard). He's also ventured into making treehouses as well. He is known for his flair with building and his skills are sought after by many, including the Duchess of Loch Avie, among others.

Caledon Penzance is the home of my beloved's latest build, the Radio Riel office building. If you've not seen it yet, you really should. Many little details are added that make the whole even that more perfect and pleasing. Adding to his list of building accomplishments are his shop in Victoria City, Caledon as well as the "Garage" (officially known as the Cay Mooring Tower, but in all seriousness, Edward did need a place to house his carriages, horseless and otherwise as well as the other modes of transport he has) in the Cay.

So, I am surrounded and buttressed by two wonderful builders. I have attempted making structures in the past, mostly for my own pleasure or purposes. My buildings have been rather simple and not of a grand scale by any means. I've never sold my buildings but have given away a couple to those who were needing shelter. I usually tinker with my cakes and perhaps make accessories like a table to hold my baked goods on. Until Miss Burton approached me.

Miss Burton has a photography business and was needing a shop in which to operate it. She had a definate idea on what sort of feel she wanted for this building and asked me to build it. I was a bit surprised as I don't consider myself to be a builder of great calibre, but said I would do my best. Last night, I was able to show her the completed building and she was delighted. She said it was all she had hoped for and couldn't wait to get it on the ground, as soon as a land transaction had taken place.

So, dear readers, as much as I would have loved to have included pictures with this entry, I'm afraid you are going to have to wait until the building is standing firmly on the ground for which it was intended. Then I shall post a few images but I think seeing it in person will be even better. It is quite grand and opulent, but not massive. I am considering rearranging the interior layout and changing one or two exterior details and packaging it to sell, for any interested parties.

I do have to thank Lunar for dropping in to look it over during various stages of completion (and Fuzz too, even though he didn't have any tips to give, he does keep things interesting) as well as my dear Edward for putting up with my questions, giving me good advice and otherwise tolerating me in a fit of creative energy. He also double checked it to make sure everything was to his standard (he's slightly more detail oriented than I am *grins*). It was good to have him there when I wasn't sure which trim to use or wallpaper or how to keep my alphas from being at war (troublesome things that they are!).

Stay tuned for the upcoming pictures!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Heartfelt Token

On behalf of Lord Primbroke and myself, I'd like to wish our friends and neighbours a very Happy Valentine's Day. In all honesty, having the friends I do is a blessing in and of itself.