Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Life has been busy in Primbroke manor as of late. Edward has been very busy, nipping off in his TARDIS to work on a club of some sort as well as attending to his other business interests. I have kept a lower profile, staying mostly at home, attending to the domestic realm, as it my habit. There is always much to do in the summer, with the garden to attend to, as well as putting up the fruits that are in season.

Mrs. Clowes, Nell and myself have been very busy making jams and other preserves. There are few things more enjoyable than opening a jar of raspberry jam in the dead of winter and having summertime greet your tastebuds as you bite into your slice of toast. As well, there are other fruits such as peaches, pears, cherries and saskatoons that can be put up so they can be enjoyed at their best when Jack Frost is painting the window panes. I also find it beneficial to bottle as much fruits as possible, as I tend to use them in my baking for Rosehaven Recipes as well.

While I've not been out in the public eye much, I have been keeping informed (although usually much after the fact) about events. I would like to congratulate Fuzzball Ortega on his excellent efforts as Steelhead's RFL Team Captain. He did a superior job and should be very proud of himself. I do hope though, that his head won't be too cold this winter, with him having shaved his head. Perhaps it's time to dig out that old Cowboy hat, or find a toque to keep warm.

At any rate, I should go and get back to the kitchen. While it is technically not something a lady in my position should be doing, I rather enjoy working in the kitchen. It reminds me of helping my mother out when I was a young girl. The joys of the height of summer!

P.S. Just a word to the *very* careful what you put into the Google Images search...."Victorian Canning" brings up quite different sorts of pictures!!! (and yes, I was very careful to have two n's in that!)