Monday, April 30, 2007

Traitors, Poisons, Worry and Strife...with a serving of Cake

Now that my dearest Edward is resting comfortably, after his recent and most upsetting injury, I have a few moments to put pen to paper and try and make sense of the happenings of the past few days.

I made it to the ball a little late, due to the train running behind schedule, but it was apparent as I entered the doors of Carntaigh Court that the festivities were in full swing and the mood was light and cheerful. I soon spotted my dearest Sir Edward, looking ever so dashing in his uniform and he claimed me for a few waltzes. It had been so long since we had waltzed and it was wonderful to do so again. They were using a dance card system at this dance, but I had not put mine out yet...most novel idea those dance cards. Everyone was in their finery and the Kaiserine was there as well, looking charming in her lovely red gown.

After a couple of dances, Sir Edward danced with Miss Kelley and then he took the Kaiserine herself for waltz. It was then that the trouble started. Colonel Hotspur O'Toole and his band of hot headed ruffians stormed the court and claimed that they were there on behalf of "The Great and Glorious Leader Shang". I cannot believe Govenor Shang would be involved with such riff raff!!!! The crowd was shocked into silence as they read off a long list of trumped up (and no doubt ficticious) charges against the Kaiserine. Colonel O'Toole then ordered that saucy little chit, Miss Hermoinie Pennyfeather to attack Sir Edward, which she did....with a poisoned blade! What a low, cheap and underhanded thing to do!! My outrage at such an act cannot be adequately conveyed with words alone.

As Edward fell to the ground, I was in a state of shock and unable to move....I remember shrieking and running to his side after O'Toole and his band of misfit ruffians kidnapped the Kaiserine and spirited her off to parts unknown. Luckily, Miss Figaro was at hand with some of her herbs which I think helped Edward to survive his wounds. We left for Loch Avie, where he has been attended to and he's been given a mechanical orb to assist him with his duties as he recovers from his ordeal. If I ever see O'Toole or Pennyfeather....well, they will know what a woman's wrath is about.

As well, word reached me while I was in Caledon that my brother Lunar had taken ill and was being attended to by his partner, Miss Tensai. I was very concerned for him....his elven blood causes him to have ailments that I've never heard of and have less idea what to do about. He seems to be feeling better now though, for which I am thankful.

I'm sure in light of recent acts, there will be war now. I fear for Edward....if anything happens to him, I don't know what I will do. It has been suggested that his arm might not recover fully....he may have to have a mechanical one. This is of little consequence to me, the loss of his arm is nothing compared to losing him to a sniper's bullet or the cannonfire of war. I can't think of this anymore right now...the worry will make me sick.

I will have to busy myself with the preparations of my bakery. I am going to open a small shop in Steelhead, selling cakes, cookies, doughnuts and such. I hope to expand my inventory in time, but it's a start. At any rate, busying myself with baking will help keep my mind off other worries. I imagine Edward will want to remain in Caledon until this is over and I cannot leave his side....may this end quickly and swiftly, for everyone's sake.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Cleaning and the Promise of Peace

Today I was quite busy being very domestic. Spring, with it's delightful breezes and warm sunshine, prompted me to give Rosehaven a good and thorough cleaning. I dusted down the furniture, beat the carpets, shook out the draperies and otherwise returned it to it's neat and tidy appearance. I even took the liberty of tidying Mr. Abel's lair, dusting his many artifacts and works of art and making sure his supply of towels and such were in good repair. I hadn't heard from him in some time and I hoped he was managing well with his explorations.

The post came and I noticed a letter from my beloved, Mr. Pearse. How good it was to see his bold, yet neat hand on a letter addressed to me. He had been busy with the war effort in Caledon, and as such, did not accompany me to Steelhead this time. I settled myself on the porch swing and opened his letter, looking forward to his news with delight and great anticipation.

Of course, a great deal of the letter was tender sentiments which I'm sure will not interest gentle readers such as yourselves. However, he did mention a Reconcilliation ball being held this evening and he hoped I would be able to attend. What wonderful news! The war will not happen now that both sides have decided to meet together and work out their differences. I breathed a sigh of relief, the knot in my stomach loosening as the worry of my dear Edward being wounded (or possibly worse) in the event of a war slipped away. This is good news indeed.

Noting the time of the ball, I quickly changed into a dress suitable for travel and caught the next train back to Caledon. Hopefully I will be able to steal away from the Ball in Carntaigh to attend the Masquarade in Steelhead as well. Let the celebrations begin!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Mercy Sakes Alive!!!!

I awoke in the middle of the night to a horrific scream....too horrible to be made by anything that claims to be human. Clutching the blankets to my chest, gasping for air, I fumbled for the lamp, knocking over a few books on the bedside table in the process. My stirrings awoke Edward and he too heard the tail end of the scream.

He grabbed his Pneumatic rifle and headed for the sleeping porch, with me in his wake. The sound seemed to be coming from next door. Edward peered into the darkness, the moonlight covered by thick clouds, trying to discover what made that God-forsaken, ear shattering scream. My lamp did nothing to penetrate the darkness, and so, when the silence settled around us like a thick blanket of snow, we again retired for the night.

In the morning, it was discovered that my dear neighbour, Mr. Darien Mason was no longer himself. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say he returned to himself. The demon that was possessing him was released and once again, he was Dr. Darien Mason. This will be different, living next door to a "normal" man. He had been an incubus for as long as I had lived in Steelhead.

Dr. Mason was called out of town shortly thereafter, we hope he fares well on his journey.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friends Are the Best Gift of All, Turkey Tracks

Yesterday, as some of you gentle readers may know, was my RL birthday. While I'm not one for fussing over numbers in general, there were a few moments that gave me pause this past week about this, my 33rd year.

Upon waking from my sleep at Davaar, I dressed and wandered downstairs to find a very large cake, complete with candles on the parlour table. As well, there was a bottle of merlot, some chocolate dessert (oooooh....chocolate!!!!) and a very interesting looking gift. The sight of the cake alone made my heart melt, but I decided to open the gift from my beloved, Edward as curiosity got the better of me. Inside was a very interesting picture of my dearest, involving some clever photography and artfully arranged ribbon. A note was attached, the contents of which are far too private to share, I do apologise. However, do know that the note made me smile my most broad smile, brought a very saucy twinkle to my eye and made me blush the same shade of crimson as the sofa.

Not long after my dearest Mr. Pearse arrived and we packed a carpet bag to head to Steelhead for an excursion. There's been many changes as of late there and I had to check on Rosehaven, as Mr. Abel has been away on an extended bout of exploration. Crossing the threshold of Rosehaven, I noticed that Mr. Abel had made plans for my birthday in his absence and must have had a friend decorate Rosehaven in true birthday style! Balloons, banners and even more cake greeted us as we entered. What a lovely surprise! It was a good thing that Mr. Abel had the foresight to arrange for such a large cake as the many well-wishers that bade me a Happy Birthday needed to be fed in true birthday style. It warmed the very bottom of my heart to be thought of well enough to be wished Happy Birthday so many times. What wonderful people live in Steelhead!!! My dear brother Lunar gave me a set of beautiful black lace fans, which will be the perfect accessory with many of my gowns and the lovely Miss Darkling Elytis presented me with a creamy rose in a black bud vase....very elegant, a reflection of the lady who presented it, I'm sure.

After distributing the cake, Mr. Pearse and I went for a stroll around Steelhead to see the new sights. Miss Tensai was in the midst of building her treehouse...which will be spectacular when it is complete. She is also learning about building clocks and watches....her skills know no bounds. We visited awhile with Sheriff Ortega and the charming Miss Butterfly Ladybird, who is my brother's muse. We examined the new jail and we hope that the key is found soon for the cell.

The rest of my birthday evening was filled with far too tender and personal of moments to share with such gentle readers as yourselves. However, I would like to state again, that it is wonderful having so many wonderful friends, including the charming Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel and especially my most dear Edward Pearse.

On a less heartwarming note, the Sheriff still hasn't come any closer to catching the person or persons responsible for our turkey troubles. Bessie Bobbette, a guard cow, has been hired to watch the turkeys near the trainstation though. Sheriff Ortega did say he was heading to the mainland this week to investigate some very important leads, so hopefully some resolultion will occur soon. As well, some vandals broke into our hotel and proceeded to render it unusable, until Miss Tensai rolled up her sleeves and cleaned the whole mess up. Bless her heart!!! I'm not sure exactly what was done, but I do hope it did not involve our turkeys being misused even further.

At the end of the day, my birthday was very special and heartwarming. I would like to thank everyone who wished me well and an extra thank you for those who worked hard and surprised me. Thank you again!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Murder Most Fowl, Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Werewolf??

A most tragic happening occured in Steelhead. One of our beloved turkeys, Henry Von Gobble IV was brutally slain in his tracks as he wandered the streets of Steelhead. His battered and bloodied corpse was found in the alley between the Bordello and Miss Tombola's shop. Sheriff Ortega stated he found human tracks, incubus tracks, turkey tracks and wolf tracks in the area. He also reported finding what appeared to be dinosaur tracks and some sort of mechanical bi-pod tracks as well.

The plot thickens....who would stoop to such a heinous act? I suppose I could think of a few beings off the top of my head if I was pressed to do so....but I digress. It is a very dark and forboding day in Steelhead.

On a different note, it has been learned that our sheriff is also a werewolf. I was always wondering why there were wolf tracks around town and it certianly has answered my queries as to why I kept finding wolf hair around Rosehaven, specifically around my bureau.....I'm glad I've been keeping it locked, since my most favorite pair of fine French frillies with the lace insertion and ribbon trim went missing. He claims to not like turkey, so, I suppose I shall have to put out a juicy steak on the doorstep every night for when he does his patrol. I think it would be prudent to avoid going out of doors at night wearing a red, hooded cape as well.

Otherwise my life has been fairly quiet. I've been spending a lot of time at Davaar, being domestic with Mr. Pearse, deciding decorating schemes and other finding new and exciting furnishings. I found the most delightful table for the parlour. I'm sure it will be very handy when serving coffee, tea or....cinnamon rolls. I've also been busy making cakes and cookies. I think it would be a good business venture to open a bakery of sorts in to roll up my sleeves and stock it with goodies.

I do apologise for the rather subdued nature of this post and the lack of illustration. I'm certain my next post will be far more entertaining and colourful. *smiles*

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Once upon a time....the Turkeys Strike Back

Saturday evening was the Steelhead formal, as per usual. The theme this time was "Fairy Tales" but sort of expanded to include fantasy creatures as well. I transformed myself into an elf....a very tall elf while Edward went as a Redcap, which he made himself. I think he did a splendid job and I know he received many compliments on it as well.

The music was provided by our very own Tensai and she did an excellent job of it. There were many different fairytale creatures in attendance....the Big Bad Wolf (our Sheriff, Fuzzball Ortega...makes one wonder what lurkes deep within that man), the Ice Queen, Frogs, Princesses, Fairies (including the Fairy OMGodmother), Tin men, Minotaurs and many, many more. The most difficult part of the evening was trying to decide who to give my vote to. In the end, Sheriff Ortega and Xiandria Gwynneville (who is our Mayor, Steelwolf Pascal's partner) won the contest.

On the turkey troubles front, Sheriff Ortega met with the head of the SLPRA, Ms. Henny Penny who is exceedingly upset that the culprit or culprits who fouled our fowl hasn't been caught yet. She was soothed a little when Sheriff Ortega told her that every step has been taken and even the citizens are banding together to search. He is under a lot of pressure from the group to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. We are all hoping he succeeds. For further information, please pick up the latest copy of the Steelhead Anvil, available in Steelhead.

Hopefully, no further wrongs are committed against our turkeys during the Easter egg hunt. They are starting to cluster together, hoping that there is truly safety in numbers.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Voulez Vous Coucher.....

They say that Paris in April is lovely indeed, so feeling rather listless, I decided to see if the reality was as good as the rumour. After quickly packing my smallest trunk and Sir Edward grabbing his valise, we were off to Paris 1900.

Upon checking into a hotel, we hopped aboard the which took us to the main street in Paris 1900. We walked up to street level to find that indeed, Paris is as lovely as they say. I met the mayor of the fine city and was thrilled to discover that Mr. Jules Whittlesea has a gallery there as well. The edifying and genteel influences of Caledon are found everywhere. The main street was very charming with many shops and a Cafe d'Artistes. Of course, the most infamous attraction of all was the Moulin Rouge. As I had Mr. Pearse with me as an escort and it was broad daylight, I thought it may be fun to go in and see the place of notorious reputation. As the standard for attire in such places is more liberal than the norm, I decided to throw caution to the wind and dress a little more risque. Luckily, I had packed my burlesque outfit and so quickly ran back to the hotel and dressed.

Upon proceeding past the gates, we came upon a large, grassy courtyard with a very large elephant. The elephant is of such a gigantic stature that a swing was hung from it's trunk and a large scaffolding erected at the one side to get to the top of it. Mr. Pearse and I scaled the scaffolding and found a room within the elephant. It was charmingly decorated with many large, comfortable cushions and a very odd contraption that produced a noxious smoke. I attempted to get to the top of the elephant, but the lag was so horrible that I could not. It will have to be saved for another day.

After exploring the elephant, we entered the dance hall itself, I was impressed with the size of it. Many people could come here and be entertained by the "can can" and other visual delights. While the stage was off limits to the general public, I was able to take a few photographs in front of it. There was also a lovely little area just perfect for sitting and "making eyes" at your special someone too.

As enjoyable as exploring Paris 1900 was, there came a point when the combination of horrific lag and Sir Edward's pressing business issues forced us to leave. We packed our bags and headed back for Davaar, refreshed and looking forward to Easter.

I apologize that the pictures are all clumped together, but at least I was able to get some on to further illustrate Paris 1900.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"Fowl" Trouble Afoot in Steelhead

It is with great sorrow that I announce our most recent trouble in Steelhead. While Steelhead tends to be a friendly, quiet little town (with the notable exception being our wonderful parties and dances), we do have the occasional problem. Our most recent trouble involves our beloved turkeys, who patrol the gardens and common areas of Steelhead with dilegence.

It was reported to our town sheriff, Fuzzball Ortega that the turkeys have been treated most horribly. Person or persons unknown have snuck up on the turkeys and used them for their own purposes. I hate to get into details for the more gentle readers, but I will say that the turkeys have suffered a fate worse than death. Items of a certain nature had been found at the scenes of the crimes and have since been sent away to be examined for clues. Turkey Lurkey, the spokesturkey for the group spoke at a press conference, expressing his concerns.

This has been a dark event for the fair town of Steelhead. We all hope the perpetrator or perpetrators are apprehended soon!!!

A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

After much gentle prodding from my dear friends, I've decided to sit myself down and compose my first post. I apologise for the lack of photographs illustrating my journal at this time, but I will slowly but surely learn how to do this too.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Miss Christine Isabelle McAllister of Rosehaven and Davaar. My parents were Robert Angus McAllister, a proctor with the Hudson's Bay Company and Isabelle Eleanor (nee Southerton) who was the daughter of a merchant in Tunbridge Wells in England. They met whilst my father was in the resort town and after a whirlwind romance, they married and he brought her to Upper Canada where they resided at my birth.

When I was a small girl, my father was sent out to Fort Garry and then Fort Edmonton, taking my mother, my brother and I with him. It was an unconventional childhood, but I revelled in it. Where else could a young girl enjoy such freedoms? I learned to ride and shoot as well as my brother Gunnar. However, my mother was mindful of my future prospects and made sure I learned more domestic pursuits as well. All in all, our time in Rupert's land was a very enjoyable one for me, although I'm sure my mother was very lonely for the finer things in life and the companionship of other ladies to share life's little trials with. My father decided to leave the Company and we ended up settling about 180 miles south of Fort Edmonton, where the North West Mounted Police established a fort named Fort Calgary.

Sadly, this idyllic chapter in our lives came to a close when my father was out with some of the Mounted Police and the Siksika nation tribe during a buffalo hunt. His horse stumbled in a badger hole, throwing him down where he was trampled by the stampedeing buffalo and hense, died of his injuries. My mother was devestated. She ended up selling the home place and we moved back east to the new country of Canada, settling in Montreal briefly.

It was in Montreal that she met Mr. Eclispe, a naval officer, whom she married. With this marriage came a step-brother TotalLunar as well as an elusive step-sister, Luna. Lunar (my new brother) and I grew quite close, which proved to be very beneficial when our parents contracted typhoid while exploring new lands and died.

Together, Lunar and I found Steelhead, where we took residence. My older brother, Gunnar, inherited the "itchy foot" of exploration and chose to pursue that path. Over time, Lunar and I both found niches for ourselves in the town and grew to love it dearly.

As some of you readers may know, I share my home, Rosehaven, with Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel, who is a most dear and kind man. Always a gentleman, I have no doubts he's quite adept with a firearm should anyone try to break into our home. He also has impeccible taste and who am I to argue with that?

I also have another, more recent home in Caledon Cay with Sir Edward Pearse, titled "Davaar". Sir Edward is the proprietor of "Pearse'd and Cut", which sells fine gentlemen's apparel. He's also very talented at building and has managed to win my heart completely with his vast and innumerable charms.

At any rate, I hope this journal will serve a greater purpose than me just announcing the lastest prize chair winning (I'm only addicted to one chair, I promise!!) or what wallpaper I hung today. I shall endeavour to exercise brevity in the future and learn the art of posting illustrations of my "adventures" as well. Thank you for perservering and reading this entry.