Friday, April 13, 2007

Murder Most Fowl, Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Werewolf??

A most tragic happening occured in Steelhead. One of our beloved turkeys, Henry Von Gobble IV was brutally slain in his tracks as he wandered the streets of Steelhead. His battered and bloodied corpse was found in the alley between the Bordello and Miss Tombola's shop. Sheriff Ortega stated he found human tracks, incubus tracks, turkey tracks and wolf tracks in the area. He also reported finding what appeared to be dinosaur tracks and some sort of mechanical bi-pod tracks as well.

The plot thickens....who would stoop to such a heinous act? I suppose I could think of a few beings off the top of my head if I was pressed to do so....but I digress. It is a very dark and forboding day in Steelhead.

On a different note, it has been learned that our sheriff is also a werewolf. I was always wondering why there were wolf tracks around town and it certianly has answered my queries as to why I kept finding wolf hair around Rosehaven, specifically around my bureau.....I'm glad I've been keeping it locked, since my most favorite pair of fine French frillies with the lace insertion and ribbon trim went missing. He claims to not like turkey, so, I suppose I shall have to put out a juicy steak on the doorstep every night for when he does his patrol. I think it would be prudent to avoid going out of doors at night wearing a red, hooded cape as well.

Otherwise my life has been fairly quiet. I've been spending a lot of time at Davaar, being domestic with Mr. Pearse, deciding decorating schemes and other finding new and exciting furnishings. I found the most delightful table for the parlour. I'm sure it will be very handy when serving coffee, tea or....cinnamon rolls. I've also been busy making cakes and cookies. I think it would be a good business venture to open a bakery of sorts in to roll up my sleeves and stock it with goodies.

I do apologise for the rather subdued nature of this post and the lack of illustration. I'm certain my next post will be far more entertaining and colourful. *smiles*


Darien Mason said...

Oh dear.. Not saying I did it but he DID threaten everyone in the town meeting..

%he had it comin'..he had it comin'..%

But seriously Miss know I'm a breast, leg and thigh man..but NOT on turkeys!



Christine McAllister said...

I thought Turkey Lurkey was at the town meeting....they really ought to start wearing name tags!

As for your comment about what parts you prefer....I will have to take your word on that matter. *smiles and blushes*

Fuzzball_Ortega said...

That was Turkey Lurkey at the town meeting. The victim had been murdered before the meeting....which is why I had mentioned that a turkey was murdered.

I swear, you people, neko's, incubus', and Finnian should pay attention at these meetings.

And Darien....WHY are you acting like you're hiding something?

emillyorr said...

Finnian distracts us all.

Especially when he's duct-taped.