Friday, August 15, 2008

When it Rains it Truly Pours in Steelhead

I have not yet solved why my chickens keep disappearing, although I will say that they are not vanishing at the alarming rate they once were. I have my suspicions that a certian owl owned by Miss Mara Razor might be at fault, but as I've not had time to investigate properly, I don' tknow for sure. Her owl seems to be rather fat and sassy these days. As well, this is just not serious enough to be bothering the Sheriff with these days, since trouble has surfaced in a Steelhead. I'll just keep them locked up and under wraps until I can take care of it myself.

As for the trouble in Steelhead, well it would seem someone or something has it out for our dear Sheriff. Silver tipped bullets were fired at his house, including some into the chest of the scarecrow my dear Edward made for the Scarecrow competition at last year's Harvest Festival. Sheriff Ortega's cousin has been wandering about, muttering all sorts of strange and bewildering things under his breath, Tensai has been circulating, exceedingly well armed...even for her. Lunar is developing a worry line where that mark is on his forehead and basically the entire town is very, very tense. We've had to turn in all of our silver as a preventative measure.

To his credit, the Sheriff is remaining calm about this....however, I suspect he is far more worried than he is allowing himself to show. I hope whomever is responsible is captured quickly...Steelhead is a lovely town, warm and welcoming. The murder of poultry is one thing...attacking our Sheriff is quite another. All I can say is that I hope whomever is behind this is caught before Tensai gets ahold of him or her.