Thursday, January 10, 2008

Strolling Steelhead Harbourside

(I apologize for this being so photographic developing fluids froze and finding replacements was quite a challenge! Sadly, none of the photographs turned out, so you will have to use your imaginations, with my deepest apologies.)

Now that the holiday season has passed, the decorations have been put away until next year and life has settled down a bit, I decided to go to Steelhead to give Rosehaven a good cleaning and see to our shops. Since Edward was exceedingly busy with his various projects, I ventured off by myself, planning on getting the fires burning at Rosehaven, so all would be ready for him when he'd be able to catch the train to join me for the Friday night dance. The train is a very safe way to travel these days, even for a woman alone. With the courteous (and well armed) citizens of Caledon on one end and Sheriff Ortega waiting in Steelhead on the other, miscreants dare not meddle with the train. Upon arriving at Rosehaven and getting the fireplaces and the kitchen stove started, I decided to wander over to Harbourside to see how things were progessing in our newest neighbourhood

Upon entering the station, I noticed Lunar had renovated the building to have doors on either side, which was most thoughtful of him. I stepped outside and was greeted by the sight of a community that is starting to build itself up. Doc Wrangler's shop was directly opposite the station (most convenient when the new shipments arrive in on the train!) as well as a pub run by the Lady Protector herself, Diamanda Gustafson. The new doughnut shop was also nearby and it's been rumoured that our dear Sheriff has been seen in there quite often....I'm sure it's to warm his feet as he's doing his patrols.

As I made my way around the neighbourhood, I was delighted to see how well everyone was doing, getting their plots settled. While there are a few tents yet, they do not detract from the surroundings but seem to blend in perfectly.

Miss Eugenia Burton's farm seemed to be taking shape quite nicely too. I didn't see any stock yet, but I'm sure once the weather warms and she's made sure the barns and outbuildings are up to standard, her farm will be flourishing with all sorts of livestock....I have often wondered if she was considering operating a stud ranch, as she seems to have a good eye for male specimens of several species. *winks and grins*

Our noble editor/writer/publisher of the Steelhead Anvil had put the safety of all seafaring traffic first and added a lighthouse to her home. She is very lucky to have a view of Sushi happily leaping in the water. I'm sure Sushi is very glad to be back in Steelhead waters after being away for so long.

Of course, you can't have a stroll though Harbourside without pausing to admire Lunar's handiwork with the bridges. While I do love the smaller stone one, the tall bridge commands admiration. It is truly a thing of grace and beauty, not to mention built to withstand the winds that sweep in off the ocean. While the Grande Hotel and Ballroom is the crowing glory of Steelhead Centre, I would have to say that the bridge is the piece de la resistance in Harbourside.

There seemed to be a couple of plots left, so on my way back to Rosehaven, I stopped by the Town Hall to see what the main map said. Sure enough, there are still a couple plots available, hopefully to be filled soon.

After my travels, the house had warmed up sufficiently and the fires were burning well enough to boil some water (or ice, as it happened to be) for a cup of tea. The residents of Harbourside are making it a charming and delightful (not to mention whimsical) place to be. I look forward to seeing the neighbourhood develop further as people's ideas and plans are brought to life!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Last night was the Caledon New Year's Eve festivities in Penzance, in case you somehow managed to miss all the posters and the journal blitz. It was an event that will not soon be forgotten. I'd like to thank Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel, Miss Persephone Gallindo and Miss Saffia Widdershins and all the other people who put an monumental amount of work into this to make it happen.

Sadly, due to lag being rather bad and things not rezzing properly for me, I didn't take any pictures. However, I'm sure there will be many to be seen in other journals.

Last year, I spent New Year's Eve in Steelhead. There was a small group of us on top of Lunar and Tensai's shop and Tensai managed to crash the sim with her spectacular fireworks display. I was merely Miss Christine McAllister with no skills worth discussing in polite society. While it was a small gathering, it was nice. How things have changed in a year!

Now Steelhead has grown by 100%. The town has shaken off it's old look and is moving forward. We have many new residents who bring their own special traits that add to the community. I have learned how to build (tolerably well) and am active in both Steelhead and Caledon. I've also managed to charm a most handsome, talented, kind and loving man, of whom I barely knew a year ago. My friend list is also considerably longer than it was a year ago, for which I am thankful.

I hope everyone has a New Year filled with health, happiness, success and love. Happy New Year!

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