Friday, June 29, 2007

The Honeymoon, Part Two

Upon arriving in Scotland, it became apparent to me how much my beloved had missed his homeland. For every mile of track the train sped along (at an amazing 30 miles per hour! Such breakneck speed!)he became even more keen on the surroundings and telling me about the land we were going through. I found it all very dearest is a most knowledgable man to begin with, but to hear his keen enthusiam as he told me about the land he holds so dear to his heart made the topic all that more interesting to me as well.

We finally made it to the village of Dornie, which is near the Isle of Skye. We disembarked and made our way to the nearest lodging house, which was very comfortable. While it was not as fancy as some of the grande hotels we had been staying it, it was still clean, cozy and comfortable. The food was tasty, homey fare which when combined with the clean, bracing air of the countryside tasted as good as the fine cuisine we had dined on the past few days.

We set off for the castle Eilean Donan the next morning to explore it. As we crossed the lake on the ferry, the early morning mists hovered over the water, giving the scene a surreal feel. As we travelled along, the castle began to loom out of the vapour, looking ever inch the ancient castle it is.

We spent many hours, traipsing all through the castle, admiring the stonework and the artifacts inside. Such a huge structure! I could not imagine the amount of staff requried to keep that place functional...but I could understand what an excellent stronghold it made. Of course, all the climbing up and down the stairs (some of which were made for people of exceedingly short stature), we were tired. Fortunatly, the kind people had saw fit to leave a divan to rest upon, to build one's strength again for the long climb to the uppermost tower.

After we felt refreshed (which seemed to take a fair amount of time for some reason *smiles*) we set off and climbed up to the tallest tower to see the panorama such a vantage point afforded.

After a few more days of travelling around bonnie Scotland, we headed back wouth again and crossed the ferry to Ireland. We then headed to Dublin to see the sights of that lovely city. Our first stop was Trinty College where we were fortunate to be able to view the Book of Kells. Such beautiful scripting! It is truly a work of art and well worth seeing.

Finally, it was time to return home. As enjoyable and wonderful our honeymoon was, I will confess the thought of being able to settle into our own bed again appealed to me greatly. I hope the gardens of Davaar and Rosehaven had been blessed with rain and that nothing untoward had happened to either place. Crossing the threshold of Davaar was such a relief....until I unpacked and found the laundry...

Ah's all got to be done anyhow. At least I had the fond memories of our wedding trip to think about!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Honeymoon, Part One

The morning after our handfasting ceremony and reception, Sir Edward and I boarded the train at the Steelhead station and set off on our honeymoon. We planned on taking in the sights of Dresden, parts of England, Scotland and Ireland before returning home to domestic bliss.

As our steam ship was not due to be in port for a few days, we stayed at charming cottage owned by one of our friends. It was delightful....the time spent there in the calm and quiet allowed us to relax a little after the hectic prepartations of the handfasting and just bask in each other's presence.

Finally, our steamer made port and we gathered up our (many) trunks and boarded, ready to embark on our first (of many) adventure as Mr. and Mrs.

I had never been out on the open seas before, and the largest sea faring vessel I had set foot on had been Sir Edward's boat that we sometimes use to quickly dash over to The Three Graces to visit. I was awed by the vast size of the ship and the fine appointments within. Such luxury! We settled into our suite of rooms and then proceeded to explore the ship. Fine salons were everywhere and each room was simply beautiful.

However, upon being out at sea for a day, I discovered that travelling by ocean is *not* the same as travelling by land. I developed a case of the "Mal de Mer" and spent a day and a half in our room, feeling rather like death warmed over. It was pure misery, laying there, hour after hour, the motion of the ship making one believe she is riding on a great camel of the desert affected with heart disease*. Happily, this feeling did pass and I was able to be up and about, enjoying the many activities on board.

One thing I must comment upon is that it would seem that eating is the favorite past-time on the ship. An average day (for meals) seemed to pass liked this: Cup of tea and a cracker upon rising, breakfast at eight;, luncheon at twelve; dinner at four; tea at seven; supper at ten.* The meals served were simply marvelous though and the service was beyond compare.

Finally, our voyage ended and we made port. We boarded a train and set off for Dresden.

There were many beautiful things to see there. Such architexture! If I would have had ten pairs of eyes, I still think I would have not been able to drink all the sights in. Sir Edward and I had heard that the Dresden gallery was beyond compare and so we set off to see if it would live up to the repuation.

I am happy to report that it was everything that was said and more. The building itself was worthy of hours of admiration, let alone the many wonderful works of art inside. Sir Edward and I spent many hours admiring and studying the art displayed, and I was able to pick up a reprint of "The Chocolate Girl", perhaps for my bakery. I would recommend making it part of your "To See" list if one is ever in Dresden.

After a few days, we boarded the train again and made our way to England. We stopped again in Paris (very briefly as we had been there before) and then made our way across the Channel.

We spent the better part of 3 days in London, seeing the Albert and Victoria Museum, stopping by Madame Tussad's, touring the Tower of London and seeing the crown jewels. I am simply amazed at the history that exists in these fine cities. To think that 600 years ago, people were walking those same streets, dreaming their dreams, living and laughing (and hopefully avoiding the bubonic plague)! It simply astounds me.

Next we set off for Scotland, the homeland of my beloved. I shall write about that in my next post.

*taken from "Toward the Sunrise being Sketches of Travel in Europe and the East" written by Hugh Johnston, published 1883

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saving Grace

This is not the post I wanted to do right now. I *had* wanted to do the first post of Sir Edward's and my honeymoon....some of the places we've been, things we have seen and other such light hearted things. I am grateful to report that all is well between he and I, but sadly, the same cannot be said of others.

This past week has been filled with what one could most aptly call "relationship mayhem". I am not going to get into details...the parties know who they are and I hope they know that my thoughts, concern, prayers and hopes for resolution are with them too. What I do want to address though, is grace and the act of being gracious.

In light of a recent event, of which many of you readers have either witnessed first hand or have heard about from others, I have to add my two cents worth as well. While what happened was inexcusible, reprehensible and utterly uncalled for, what is done is done. The person who behaved in a less than dignified manner now has to live with the consequences of those actions. I have spoken with the person, and as much as I was outraged and threatened to box some ears over the matter, or lose a shoe in a posterior orfice, I do not believe in kicking a person when they are down and in the process of beating the living daylights out of him/herself. I have also spoken to the injured party. I have been told that forgiveness has been extended to the person who caused the offense.

My thought is this: If the person who was so wrongly grieved is able to offer forgiveness, shouldn't we all be able to? I was not personally hurt by the action taken by the person, as upset as I was for the wronged party. Would I not be acting ungraciously to not accept the apology, if the person who was hurt is able to? Grace is a beautiful thing. I do not mean that we should all carry on as before and pretend that nothing had happened. However, I think that to carry a grudge and make a pariah of someone who is truly sorry and paying a heavy penance for their grievious mistake is not the best course either. I cannot think of a single person (RL or SL) who hasn't managed to make a complete ass of him/herself at one time. Luckily, most of us do that in private or with a very small audience present. I know myself that I have behaved exceedingly poorly at times to those who are close to me. I am just thankful that they were able to pardon my stupidity, forgive me and continue to be my friend....and that I didn't have an audience of 40+ persons there to see me act in such a fashion.

While you, gentle reader, may not agree with my view, I do ask you to think long and hard about foolish things that you may have done yourself. I hope that the wronged party was able to be gracious enough to overlook your mistake and that you were again able to look yourself in the mirror and not be dismayed by what you saw. I hope that we all will be able to be gracious enough to forgive human stupidity, especially if the wronged party is able to do so.

Also, for any idle gossips out there, I would suggest that curbing one's tongue is an admirable thing. Being a viper and spreading hurt and dissention is cruel. Kindly remember that the shoe may pinch if it is on the other foot.

I do hope my next post will be at least a trifle more lighthearted and pleasant. Sir Edward's and my honeymoon is progressing very well and I do have many interesting things to share (but not that interesting!!!! *winks*) Until I am able to begin those posts, *steps off soapbox* take care and be well. *smiles*

Saturday, June 16, 2007

May I Present To You....

The Big Day has come and gone, in the whirl of activity that usually accompanies such days. Happily, there weren't any major glitches or problems to thwart or plague us and for this I am thankful.

Our ceremony took place in Loch Avie, high above the sim in Miss Kate Nicholas' chapel. It is a lovely build and was the perfect setting for our handfasting. I was terrified at first as I seemed to be stuck in lag storms which would hold me still and then release me with terrible velocity. Thankfully though, the storm passed and I was able to make my way through the chapel and up to the daias where my beloved was waiting for me.

My dear brother, Lunar, served as my attendant and Miss Emilly Orr served as Sir Edward's. He and I knelt in front of the gathering of our friends and pledged our troth to each other. I mean and meant every word that passed my lips and will do my utmost to fulfill my promises. After we exchanged rings (mine is a beautiful gold Claddaugh with ruby stone and his is a band encircled with thistles), we kissed (the best part! *blushes*) and then made our way to Steelhead for the reception.

What a grand time it was too. So many of our dear friends came to help us celebrate our special day! While the lag reached new lows, it didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits as we danced into the night. Lunar had worked very hard to finish the new hotel (which is a marvel, I assure you...such a gorgeous build!!) and I think I can safely say that it was christened in fine style with the reception. We know that the dancefloor is sound and can support many people as they whirl and have fun. Sheriff Ortega worked his usual magic and supplied the most excellent music to keep us dancing and having fun. He is truly worth every penny and perhaps quite a few more!

Sadly, the dance had to end and Sir Edward and I boarded our new horse and buggy, given to us by Miss Virrginia Tombola. We drove off to start our new life togther.

I would like to thank our wonderful friends for joining us on this special day and for being a support and encouragement to us. Your presence was the greatest gift of all! Thank you! For more pictures of this event, please see Mr. Hotspur O'Toole's blog (Hibernia on the Skids).

I look forward to our honeymoon. We'll be leaving for it shortly and I'm sure I'll have more to share.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The New and Improved News Around Town

It's official! Rosehaven Recipes is open for business!!! While my shop is modest, it does carry a few delectable treats...cookies, doughnuts, cakes (7 prim!), pie (apple and strawberry rhubarb), apple crisp and cupcakes. I also have a blue enamel coffee pot with dispenses coffee as well. All of my items dispense a slice or piece of the main item and have eating animations as well....none of this mashing cake into your face either. Thanks to the genius of Professor Alphonse Avalanche, my cakes and pies have a proper animation where you eat your cake with a fork, off of a plate. However, for those inclined to mush cake into their faces, I can arrange for that as well. Some of the textures used are from actual things I have made (in RL), which makes them unique and one of a kind.

I am willing to take custom orders as well. I realise that my choice of icing colours may not suit everyone, so, if there's something in particular you are after, please let me know and I will do my best to accomodate you.

As for the news around town.....In Steelhead, Doctor Mason's body went for a walkabout without his brain (how do these things happen??) but is now safe and sound at home and firmly attached to his cerebral cortex again, the church was thought to have been burned down by the demonic turkeys but was abducted by aliens instead (talk about your higher power!). The Sisters of Mercy SWAT team are now based out of the Steelhead Saloon until the church can be rebuilt. The hotel is being renovated entirely to reflect upon this new era of growth and prosperity in Steelhead. While it is hoped that it will be completed for Edward's and my reception, good things take time and we will enjoy ourselves regardless of the venue. Taiyou house is up, but we are waiting word on when the Madame will have everything perfect for the "guests".

In Caledon, the main news seems to be of the mysterious werewolf that keeps running around scaring people. I do wish our Sheriff would go and teach that brute some manners. He may be a werewolf, but behaves in the most gentlemanly fashion (except when he stole my French knickers, but we won't get into that) and is the benchmark of Gentlemanly Werewolf behaviour. The Steelhead turkeys seem to have been fruitful and multiplied to such an extent that they've now moved over and colonised Caledon. What appears to be their offspring are now wandering about the common areas of Caledon, which brings a smile to my lips as it is a comforting reminder of the town I hold so dear.

Anyhow, enough shilly-shallying for me! I must keep busy as the Big Day is fast approaching. Please drop in to Rosehaven Recipes in Steelhead, have a tea or a coffee and a cookie and rest for awhile at the tables provided.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Amor Vincit Omnia

What a busy time it has been these past weeks. In between the flurry of social engagements I think I have everything in readiness for The Big Day. The cake is made, my gown is ready, the flowers are on order, the chapel and hotel are booked. Edward assures me he has taken care of his duties, so now all that is left is to decorate the chapel and the hotel, which shouldn't take long at all. I have my "Day After" gown, made by the talented Miss Terry Lightfoot, as well as my trousseau ready to be packed. I have aired the linens and all the things I had made as a young girl for the day when I would become a wife.

I look forward to this upcoming day with gladness and joy. My heart is light and a smile plays about my lips as I think of my beloved and what he means to me. I am not one for sharing my most personal thoughts or feelings with the public, but suffice to say that I feel I am most blessed to have been chosen to be his. I hope to be a good helpmeet for him, a companion, support, friend and inamorata. We have had our disagreements but have managed to be courteous to each other and discuss them, which has strengthened our relationship all that much more. He knows that I will be truthful and honest with him and I trust him to be the same with me.

I should get back to my work. I need to prepare Rosehaven and have it at it's best, as the reception is in Steelhead and perhaps out of town guests will need to stay there. As well, Davaar will need a good cleaning to be in readiness as well. Make haste for the wedding!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Fuzzball!

Saturday was the Fuzzball Formal in Steelhead (of course). Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega was celebrating his RL birthday in style with his sister, Angelica throwing a birthday bash for him in the hotel ballroom. Sadly, I arrived very late due to RL butting in, but from all accounts a good time was had by all. The DJ'ing gene must truly run in the family as Angelica kept us dancing with excellent music until the party ended.

Fuzz received many gifts, which is not surprising as he's truly a wonderful person and is loved by many people. Edward and I found a motorized scooter for him so he can do his patrol of Steelhead in comfort since he's getting to be rather elderly. *grins*

Happy Birthday Fuzz! Here's to many more!!


It was "Evil Twin" Night in Steelhead. At first I couldn't decide what my evil twin would be and seriously considered having a headache that night. However after discussing the idea with Sir Edward, a thought came to me....a truly wicked, evil thought.

Yes, dear readers....that is truly me. The overly tanned, exceedingly busty, blinged out, bleach blonde, underclad person in the picture on the left is none other than myself. My dear brother Lunar became caught up in the spirit of the dance and became my twin as well....Twin Evil Twins! Sir Edward chose to wear camo board shorts and a "wife beater" top with sandals, a very shaggy blonde hairstyle with beer and a beretta for accessories.

It was a very fun evening with Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega spinning the tunes (he was an evil white werewolf with wings, of course). Tensai, being perfectly evil normally, came looking as sweet and innocent as a springtime day, dressed in pink from head to toe. It was interesting to see what or who everyone considered to be their "evil" twin.