Monday, June 4, 2007


It was "Evil Twin" Night in Steelhead. At first I couldn't decide what my evil twin would be and seriously considered having a headache that night. However after discussing the idea with Sir Edward, a thought came to me....a truly wicked, evil thought.

Yes, dear readers....that is truly me. The overly tanned, exceedingly busty, blinged out, bleach blonde, underclad person in the picture on the left is none other than myself. My dear brother Lunar became caught up in the spirit of the dance and became my twin as well....Twin Evil Twins! Sir Edward chose to wear camo board shorts and a "wife beater" top with sandals, a very shaggy blonde hairstyle with beer and a beretta for accessories.

It was a very fun evening with Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega spinning the tunes (he was an evil white werewolf with wings, of course). Tensai, being perfectly evil normally, came looking as sweet and innocent as a springtime day, dressed in pink from head to toe. It was interesting to see what or who everyone considered to be their "evil" twin.

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emillyorr said...

The two of you did take the cake, pole-dancing without poles next to the DJ.

For those who didn't catch it--and it was somewhat on the subtle side--that was the second skin and shape ever seen on me in SL. The skin, the shape, the hair, and the outfit--that was what I first danced as, before I upgraded to better hair and better skin.

Yes, that was my dance-pole bimbo. Hee!