Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Amor Vincit Omnia

What a busy time it has been these past weeks. In between the flurry of social engagements I think I have everything in readiness for The Big Day. The cake is made, my gown is ready, the flowers are on order, the chapel and hotel are booked. Edward assures me he has taken care of his duties, so now all that is left is to decorate the chapel and the hotel, which shouldn't take long at all. I have my "Day After" gown, made by the talented Miss Terry Lightfoot, as well as my trousseau ready to be packed. I have aired the linens and all the things I had made as a young girl for the day when I would become a wife.

I look forward to this upcoming day with gladness and joy. My heart is light and a smile plays about my lips as I think of my beloved and what he means to me. I am not one for sharing my most personal thoughts or feelings with the public, but suffice to say that I feel I am most blessed to have been chosen to be his. I hope to be a good helpmeet for him, a companion, support, friend and inamorata. We have had our disagreements but have managed to be courteous to each other and discuss them, which has strengthened our relationship all that much more. He knows that I will be truthful and honest with him and I trust him to be the same with me.

I should get back to my work. I need to prepare Rosehaven and have it at it's best, as the reception is in Steelhead and perhaps out of town guests will need to stay there. As well, Davaar will need a good cleaning to be in readiness as well. Make haste for the wedding!!!

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emillyorr said...

And you'll see me on the day, even if I'm slightly out of period.

Blessings to you both. Such a grace, is love, that brings us together.