Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saving Grace

This is not the post I wanted to do right now. I *had* wanted to do the first post of Sir Edward's and my honeymoon....some of the places we've been, things we have seen and other such light hearted things. I am grateful to report that all is well between he and I, but sadly, the same cannot be said of others.

This past week has been filled with what one could most aptly call "relationship mayhem". I am not going to get into details...the parties know who they are and I hope they know that my thoughts, concern, prayers and hopes for resolution are with them too. What I do want to address though, is grace and the act of being gracious.

In light of a recent event, of which many of you readers have either witnessed first hand or have heard about from others, I have to add my two cents worth as well. While what happened was inexcusible, reprehensible and utterly uncalled for, what is done is done. The person who behaved in a less than dignified manner now has to live with the consequences of those actions. I have spoken with the person, and as much as I was outraged and threatened to box some ears over the matter, or lose a shoe in a posterior orfice, I do not believe in kicking a person when they are down and in the process of beating the living daylights out of him/herself. I have also spoken to the injured party. I have been told that forgiveness has been extended to the person who caused the offense.

My thought is this: If the person who was so wrongly grieved is able to offer forgiveness, shouldn't we all be able to? I was not personally hurt by the action taken by the person, as upset as I was for the wronged party. Would I not be acting ungraciously to not accept the apology, if the person who was hurt is able to? Grace is a beautiful thing. I do not mean that we should all carry on as before and pretend that nothing had happened. However, I think that to carry a grudge and make a pariah of someone who is truly sorry and paying a heavy penance for their grievious mistake is not the best course either. I cannot think of a single person (RL or SL) who hasn't managed to make a complete ass of him/herself at one time. Luckily, most of us do that in private or with a very small audience present. I know myself that I have behaved exceedingly poorly at times to those who are close to me. I am just thankful that they were able to pardon my stupidity, forgive me and continue to be my friend....and that I didn't have an audience of 40+ persons there to see me act in such a fashion.

While you, gentle reader, may not agree with my view, I do ask you to think long and hard about foolish things that you may have done yourself. I hope that the wronged party was able to be gracious enough to overlook your mistake and that you were again able to look yourself in the mirror and not be dismayed by what you saw. I hope that we all will be able to be gracious enough to forgive human stupidity, especially if the wronged party is able to do so.

Also, for any idle gossips out there, I would suggest that curbing one's tongue is an admirable thing. Being a viper and spreading hurt and dissention is cruel. Kindly remember that the shoe may pinch if it is on the other foot.

I do hope my next post will be at least a trifle more lighthearted and pleasant. Sir Edward's and my honeymoon is progressing very well and I do have many interesting things to share (but not that interesting!!!! *winks*) Until I am able to begin those posts, *steps off soapbox* take care and be well. *smiles*


TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I have no idea what I did but if it was me I am truly sorry... please don't hurt me.

I love you sis.

Christine McAllister said...

*smiles* No, brother, it wasn't you...not to worry. I'd have taken you to task on it to your face if it had been!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Lady Pearse -
Thank you for this. The words, I hope, will not fall on deaf ears.

Enjoy the remainder of your honeymoon. I will enjoy hearing all (well not all *grins*) about it.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Was this that time I had to drink the entire contents of the Mess Cup dry while standing on my head and juggling? I was trying to put that incident behind me.

On a serious note, if the offended party thinks she can forgive this fellow, that is her affair and not my business. The offending person *did*, in fact, make it (temporarily) the business of everyone in the room, but I have no claim to offended with him if the target of his abuse has accepted his apology. I will, I fear, not think much of him hereafter-- alas, that's *my* problem, not his.

In the end, who can say? Time heals many wounds. You are a wise woman, Lady Pearse.

Yr. Obd. Srvt,


Neb said...

Thanks for your gracious words. I heartily concur.

Gabrielle Riel said...

I have posted my final words on this matter.

Thank you for your support Christine. :-)

Amber_Palowakski said...

Well-written, and quite correct you are, LAdy Christine.