Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Wonder as I Wander...

It is official. Edward and I and our staff are yet again moving. This past week has been frantic to say the least and only now have I found a few moments of quiet to settle at Edward's desk to put my thoughts on paper.

I am sorry to leave Edison. It seems like we arrived here not that long ago and were just getting rather comfortable and settled in. We had finally gotten the house to the point that we were both quite satisfied with it and now we have to pack up and move again. While this move has been a strain on Edward and myself, I do sympathize with our staff as well.

For the time being, we have decided to take up residence in some of the rooms in the Rookery, located in Clockhaven, New Babbage. While they are not quite what we are used to, I believe that they will be comfortable enough for a temporary solution, until something more suitable is found. We have decided not to go through with the bother and expense of refurbishing the rooms, but will make them habitable with draperies, carpets and of course plenty of hot, soapy water and elbow grease!

Mrs. Clowes has been complaining incessantly that she is certain that fresh milk, eggs, butter and other produce will not be able to be had in New Babbage. I have assured her that New Babbage is quite a bustling city and I'm sure that she will find all of this plus much more at the markets. In fact, I think it will be quite exciting to be living in the midst of the ebb and flow of humanity. My only main concern is that our gardener, Giles Earnshaw, might find the lure of the public houses and other pursuits to be very much to his liking. I must ask Edward to have a word with the male staff about expected conduct and behaviour while we are at the Rookery.

Anyhow, I should get back to the packing. Since many of our belongings are going into storage for the time being, supervising the packing to make sure the correct items are packed is necessary. I'm sure the next time I can write we will be comfortable settled in Clockhaven.

On behalf of Edward and myself (and especially to Edward), I would like to wish all of our friends, family and acquaintances a very Happy Valentine's Day. May cupid rekindle the romance of existing relationships for those attached or spark something new for those who are not.