Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Free Shoes!!!!

Alright folks...I know I'm a terrible blogger, but this is too good not to share.  Ladies...who would like to win some amazing, wonderful, well made and very stylish shoes??  That's what I thought...all of you.  Please click on the link from American Duchess and find out how you too, could win some of these gorgeous Gibson Edwardian era shoes.http://www.american-duchess.com/   Hurry!  Contest closes February 26!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Five years ago today, Edward and I were handfasted in Loch Avie, with a splendid wedding dance afterward in Steelhead.  To the best of my knowledge, a partnership in SL of 5 years is not very common, but it has been a pleasure and a joy.  It feels like yesterday that we said our vows.  Thank you for walking this path with me my dearest, and I look forward to seeing where the journey takes us!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More sewing

The sewing continues on the skirt.  I had sewn the back flounce pieces together and then was called away so last night was the night to really get at it.  The skirt is basically together now, just have to add the placket, waistband, hem and trim it and it is done.

The only aggravating point up to now has been the darts.  Due to my figure being rather hourglass in nature, when you put a corset on it, it amplifies that quality.  I cut the skirt to fit my hips (bane of my existence) and so had to make the darts larger to make up for the difference.

A couple days later....

The skirt is in it's final stages.  I pinned and pressed the waistband and hem last night, but due to life, nothing was accomplished on it tonight.  I had to let out two of the darts as I was supposed to put a couple of box pleats near the centre back and they would have been very small indeed if I hadn't done so.  I have to admit, it looks quite nice hanging there so I think the end result will be pleasing to the eye.

I've debated on the trims for awhile.  I had purchased some black organza pleated trims some time ago as they were on a smoking hot sale (gotta love those!).  One consists of two strands of pleated fabric, each about an inch or so wide, weaving back and forth in a figure 8 pattern.  The other has a sheer black fabric with a satin band over it, finely pleated and it zig zags in a soft, back and forth design.  At first I was leaning toward the zig zags but now I'm thinking the figure 8's as I can then put a black bead and sequin at the centre point of each "8".  I have ordered some beaded appliques for the bodice and front of the skirt, near the hem.  I *should* have also ordered two for the back of the bodice...totally forgot about that.  If I can't find anything in the city this weekend, I'll order some online and hope they get here in time.

So...that's the update for now.  With any luck I can start hemming tomorrow evening and finish the skirt by the weekend.  Then it's time to cut out the mock up of the bodice and proceed with that!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sewing Begins

I decided I'd best get busy and get started on the skirt, which I cut out the other night.  The cutting out process was a trifle nerve wracking.  I was very nervous to cut into the fabric but after spending several moments deciding if the fabric had a direction (or nap) to it, I got the job done.

So, tonight was sewing night.  I sat down at my machine, after moving mending and a few other projects that are waiting to be worked upon.  Also, the cat Oreo, had somehow snuck into my sewing room several times and used my worktable (laden with work projects) as a wonderful place to nap.  The cat and I will be having a chat later on, after I finish de-hairing a lot of fabric, etc.

I started to work, after finding some thread in my stash.  Normally I purchase plenty of thread at the time I buy the fabric, but this time I did not, thinking I had oodles in my thread stash.  Not so.  I had a spool and a bit, which curtailed my flat lining a bit.  I managed to do the two front flounces and one of the back before deciding I better stop for the night.

At this point, the fabric has been a dream to work with (knock on wood).  The satin has a lovely weight to it and the broadcloth has been behaving itself well too.  On the flounces there are long, curved edges, causing me to take it easy to keep it all from stretching.  I think I'm off to a good start and am looking forward to tackling a little more after picking up some more thread!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diary of a dress, the beginning

I've decided to do something a tad different for the time being.  Since I will be starting a new gown for an upcoming Steampunk function, I thought it would be fun to do a dress diary.  I will have to take some photos and post them, once I get started.

The event I am attending is a Gilbert and Sullivan production of HMS Pinafore, in Calgary, Alberta on March 31.  While I do have "old reliable" (the 1905 Ladies afternoon gown), I wanted to make something new.  I have on hand several yards of dark burgundy Duchesse satin and some lovely black organza trims.

I have settled on Truly Victorian patterns from the Belle Epoch, namely the ballgown bodice and 1898 flared skirt.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Take Time to Remember

Just a gentle reminder to take a few moments this Friday, November 11, to remember those who have fought for our freedoms in the past and those who have taken up the torch today.  Lest we forget.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Wishes

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  May your turkey be moist, your gravy lump free and your day filled with good times and those you love.