Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Sewing Begins

I decided I'd best get busy and get started on the skirt, which I cut out the other night.  The cutting out process was a trifle nerve wracking.  I was very nervous to cut into the fabric but after spending several moments deciding if the fabric had a direction (or nap) to it, I got the job done.

So, tonight was sewing night.  I sat down at my machine, after moving mending and a few other projects that are waiting to be worked upon.  Also, the cat Oreo, had somehow snuck into my sewing room several times and used my worktable (laden with work projects) as a wonderful place to nap.  The cat and I will be having a chat later on, after I finish de-hairing a lot of fabric, etc.

I started to work, after finding some thread in my stash.  Normally I purchase plenty of thread at the time I buy the fabric, but this time I did not, thinking I had oodles in my thread stash.  Not so.  I had a spool and a bit, which curtailed my flat lining a bit.  I managed to do the two front flounces and one of the back before deciding I better stop for the night.

At this point, the fabric has been a dream to work with (knock on wood).  The satin has a lovely weight to it and the broadcloth has been behaving itself well too.  On the flounces there are long, curved edges, causing me to take it easy to keep it all from stretching.  I think I'm off to a good start and am looking forward to tackling a little more after picking up some more thread!

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