Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More sewing

The sewing continues on the skirt.  I had sewn the back flounce pieces together and then was called away so last night was the night to really get at it.  The skirt is basically together now, just have to add the placket, waistband, hem and trim it and it is done.

The only aggravating point up to now has been the darts.  Due to my figure being rather hourglass in nature, when you put a corset on it, it amplifies that quality.  I cut the skirt to fit my hips (bane of my existence) and so had to make the darts larger to make up for the difference.

A couple days later....

The skirt is in it's final stages.  I pinned and pressed the waistband and hem last night, but due to life, nothing was accomplished on it tonight.  I had to let out two of the darts as I was supposed to put a couple of box pleats near the centre back and they would have been very small indeed if I hadn't done so.  I have to admit, it looks quite nice hanging there so I think the end result will be pleasing to the eye.

I've debated on the trims for awhile.  I had purchased some black organza pleated trims some time ago as they were on a smoking hot sale (gotta love those!).  One consists of two strands of pleated fabric, each about an inch or so wide, weaving back and forth in a figure 8 pattern.  The other has a sheer black fabric with a satin band over it, finely pleated and it zig zags in a soft, back and forth design.  At first I was leaning toward the zig zags but now I'm thinking the figure 8's as I can then put a black bead and sequin at the centre point of each "8".  I have ordered some beaded appliques for the bodice and front of the skirt, near the hem.  I *should* have also ordered two for the back of the bodice...totally forgot about that.  If I can't find anything in the city this weekend, I'll order some online and hope they get here in time.

So...that's the update for now.  With any luck I can start hemming tomorrow evening and finish the skirt by the weekend.  Then it's time to cut out the mock up of the bodice and proceed with that!

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