Thursday, June 14, 2007

The New and Improved News Around Town

It's official! Rosehaven Recipes is open for business!!! While my shop is modest, it does carry a few delectable treats...cookies, doughnuts, cakes (7 prim!), pie (apple and strawberry rhubarb), apple crisp and cupcakes. I also have a blue enamel coffee pot with dispenses coffee as well. All of my items dispense a slice or piece of the main item and have eating animations as well....none of this mashing cake into your face either. Thanks to the genius of Professor Alphonse Avalanche, my cakes and pies have a proper animation where you eat your cake with a fork, off of a plate. However, for those inclined to mush cake into their faces, I can arrange for that as well. Some of the textures used are from actual things I have made (in RL), which makes them unique and one of a kind.

I am willing to take custom orders as well. I realise that my choice of icing colours may not suit everyone, so, if there's something in particular you are after, please let me know and I will do my best to accomodate you.

As for the news around town.....In Steelhead, Doctor Mason's body went for a walkabout without his brain (how do these things happen??) but is now safe and sound at home and firmly attached to his cerebral cortex again, the church was thought to have been burned down by the demonic turkeys but was abducted by aliens instead (talk about your higher power!). The Sisters of Mercy SWAT team are now based out of the Steelhead Saloon until the church can be rebuilt. The hotel is being renovated entirely to reflect upon this new era of growth and prosperity in Steelhead. While it is hoped that it will be completed for Edward's and my reception, good things take time and we will enjoy ourselves regardless of the venue. Taiyou house is up, but we are waiting word on when the Madame will have everything perfect for the "guests".

In Caledon, the main news seems to be of the mysterious werewolf that keeps running around scaring people. I do wish our Sheriff would go and teach that brute some manners. He may be a werewolf, but behaves in the most gentlemanly fashion (except when he stole my French knickers, but we won't get into that) and is the benchmark of Gentlemanly Werewolf behaviour. The Steelhead turkeys seem to have been fruitful and multiplied to such an extent that they've now moved over and colonised Caledon. What appears to be their offspring are now wandering about the common areas of Caledon, which brings a smile to my lips as it is a comforting reminder of the town I hold so dear.

Anyhow, enough shilly-shallying for me! I must keep busy as the Big Day is fast approaching. Please drop in to Rosehaven Recipes in Steelhead, have a tea or a coffee and a cookie and rest for awhile at the tables provided.


Gabrielle Riel said...

I am so pleased to see your lovely shop is up and running. I know where I will be getting all of my baked goods for events at Coughton Court from now on!

I am also so excited for tomorrow! For you and Edward - your love inspires me! :-)

Hotspur O'Toole said...

mmmm Strawberry Rhubarb pie!!!!!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Congratulations on these SL milestones!! I cannot wait to visit your shop. And as I have mentioned on Edward's blog, I am really looking forward to witnessing your handfasting.
My love and best wishes to you both!