Monday, May 28, 2007

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

This past week has been a very busy, fun filled week. The excitement started Thursday night as Edward and I hosted a small party in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. It was also a housewarming party as it was the first event we have had at Davaar. Other than SL pulling it's usual shenanigans, all went well. The guests appeared to have a lovely time in the garden and I am very grateful to her Grace, the Duchess of Carntaigh and Sir Red Caliber for the wonderful music. Please refer to Sir Edward's journal for pictures since he had the presence of mind to take some and I did not.

Friday night was the dance in Steelhead, black and white being the theme. It was a riot! I scandalized a few people in my rather brief attire but I think it's good to shake people up now and again. Besides, my behaviour was as good as usual, so that's the main thing....right?

Saturday evening I was unavailable to attend her Grace, the Duchess of Loch Avie's super secret rez day party. I hear it was an enjoyable time, if rather lacking in clothing.

Sunday held a surprise "Pirates of the Caledonian" party as a fundraiser of the RFL. I was able to attend a small portion of the event, much to my sorrow. Later in the evening was the monthly Masquerade Ball at the Steelhead hotel, which Edward and I managed to win the best male and female! What a lovely surprise.

With all of this socializing, I'm afraid my efforts to get my bakery operational have been somewhat thwarted. I did manage to negoiate with Sir ZenMondo Wormser to do some scripting for my cookie plates so that the person may choose the cookie he or she desires from the assorted plateful. Hopefully I get more time to focus on this and Sir Edward's and my upcoming nuptuals!

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