Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Beltane and a Most Wonderful Question

Last evening a festival called Beltane was held at the Duchess' estate in Loch Avie. Edward was feeling strong enough to attend, so we donned our Celtic inspired garments and attended.

It was a lot of fun...there was a delightful Maypole which was cleverly done and lots of fun and revellry. I was enjoying myself immensely dancing around the maypole until I noticed my dear Sir Edward had stopped dancing. Fearing that he was not feeling well, I stopped too...but he seemed to be in good health, so I accepted the invitation to dance with the Fairy Darkling Elytis. No sooner had I started dancing, then Her Grace, Gabrielle Riel made an annoucement over her sound system and then my beloved joined her on the air. "What a pleasant surprise!!" I thought, as I continued to dance. However, it soon became apparent that I should stop dancing.

To prevent myself from waxing profound about how lovely and wonderful and simply marvelous and amazing, not to mention sweet and dear and.........*sighs dreamily with her hands clasped to her chest* My beloved Sir Edward Pearse asked me to join him in Handfasting on air, in front of all the guests at Beltane. I am so delighted to become his betrothed....mere words alone cannot express my joy and happiness!

We haven't set a date as of yet....we are looking at after the hostilities settle down between Caledon and Neualtenberg. We are looking at a smaller ceremony and then a larger celebration afterwards...nothing is written in stone yet, but I'm sure I'll keep everyone posted.

May 1 will always be remembered with the most fond feelings. *smiles with her eyes shining*


emillyorr said...


*looks at you*




Haven't become rational yet over this one.

*grins widely*


Darien Mason said...

Qlippothic and I are both blessed to have been present at your proposal! Mazel Tov and best wishes to you both!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

I am so pleased for the two of you!! Thank you for letting a share a little of the surprise and excitment with you.

A blessed Beltane indeed!!

ZenMondo Wormser said...

I am so happy for you and your betrothal. If you haven't anyone in mind to be your minister, I would be honored.