Friday, May 11, 2007

Whirl of Activity

Life has been quite busy for Sir Edward and myself lately. He is still healing from his wounds, but it would appear progress is being made, and for this I am very grateful. He's been occupied with various small building projects to keep himself occupied in his convalescence and I have been keeping busy with my baking.

I apologise for the lack of illustrations, but I think my baking (and building) skills are coming along nicely, with a little extra tutoring from my beloved. While I don't think I have the skills to quite make a cake suitable for a charming person of the opposite sex to jump out of just yet (what a strange idea...a terrible waste of perfectly good cake, but anyhow) I have made up cupcakes, some muffins, cookies and of course smaller cakes. I could do them in many colours, but I'm wondering if I should or just have a note that I can, if the customer is interested.

I've also been busy puttering in the gardens of Davaar and Rosehaven....I do love flowers. They add such a lovely and civilising touch, turning a building from being a house into a home. I found a sundial and an enchanted gazing ball for Davaar. They will give Percy (our pet peacock) something to look at as he wanders about.

Of course, Sir Edward's and my upcoming Handfasting has been quite pressing on my mind as well. I have found the most beautiful dress, which I plan on wearing. It is not a traditional white dress, but I don't care. I love it and I hope Sir Edward will agree when he sees me in it as well. We've also been discussing venues and such....we are planning on a small ceremony followed by a larger celebration after. At this time,we are thinking of having one part in Caledon and the other in Steelhead, which is very fitting. To say that I am very excited is a gross understatement!

There's been a flurry of building in both sims too....Steelhead is in a state of change, new shops appearing, new homes as well. Caledon's Steam SkyCity is being built up and Kittiwickshire is up too, although not wholly. Mr. Abel has told me he will be renovating his family estate there. It seems to have fallen into a little disrepair in his absence. I'm sure it will be a place of beauty and refinement when he is finished though.

I hope this war will be over soon....I am so wanting to get the plans for our handfasting underway and move onto happier things. Patience has never been my strongest virtue! Anyhow, I had best get back to baking if I am ever going to get my shop open. Now to think of a name......

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