Sunday, April 8, 2007

Once upon a time....the Turkeys Strike Back

Saturday evening was the Steelhead formal, as per usual. The theme this time was "Fairy Tales" but sort of expanded to include fantasy creatures as well. I transformed myself into an elf....a very tall elf while Edward went as a Redcap, which he made himself. I think he did a splendid job and I know he received many compliments on it as well.

The music was provided by our very own Tensai and she did an excellent job of it. There were many different fairytale creatures in attendance....the Big Bad Wolf (our Sheriff, Fuzzball Ortega...makes one wonder what lurkes deep within that man), the Ice Queen, Frogs, Princesses, Fairies (including the Fairy OMGodmother), Tin men, Minotaurs and many, many more. The most difficult part of the evening was trying to decide who to give my vote to. In the end, Sheriff Ortega and Xiandria Gwynneville (who is our Mayor, Steelwolf Pascal's partner) won the contest.

On the turkey troubles front, Sheriff Ortega met with the head of the SLPRA, Ms. Henny Penny who is exceedingly upset that the culprit or culprits who fouled our fowl hasn't been caught yet. She was soothed a little when Sheriff Ortega told her that every step has been taken and even the citizens are banding together to search. He is under a lot of pressure from the group to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. We are all hoping he succeeds. For further information, please pick up the latest copy of the Steelhead Anvil, available in Steelhead.

Hopefully, no further wrongs are committed against our turkeys during the Easter egg hunt. They are starting to cluster together, hoping that there is truly safety in numbers.

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