Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Friends Are the Best Gift of All, Turkey Tracks

Yesterday, as some of you gentle readers may know, was my RL birthday. While I'm not one for fussing over numbers in general, there were a few moments that gave me pause this past week about this, my 33rd year.

Upon waking from my sleep at Davaar, I dressed and wandered downstairs to find a very large cake, complete with candles on the parlour table. As well, there was a bottle of merlot, some chocolate dessert (oooooh....chocolate!!!!) and a very interesting looking gift. The sight of the cake alone made my heart melt, but I decided to open the gift from my beloved, Edward as curiosity got the better of me. Inside was a very interesting picture of my dearest, involving some clever photography and artfully arranged ribbon. A note was attached, the contents of which are far too private to share, I do apologise. However, do know that the note made me smile my most broad smile, brought a very saucy twinkle to my eye and made me blush the same shade of crimson as the sofa.

Not long after my dearest Mr. Pearse arrived and we packed a carpet bag to head to Steelhead for an excursion. There's been many changes as of late there and I had to check on Rosehaven, as Mr. Abel has been away on an extended bout of exploration. Crossing the threshold of Rosehaven, I noticed that Mr. Abel had made plans for my birthday in his absence and must have had a friend decorate Rosehaven in true birthday style! Balloons, banners and even more cake greeted us as we entered. What a lovely surprise! It was a good thing that Mr. Abel had the foresight to arrange for such a large cake as the many well-wishers that bade me a Happy Birthday needed to be fed in true birthday style. It warmed the very bottom of my heart to be thought of well enough to be wished Happy Birthday so many times. What wonderful people live in Steelhead!!! My dear brother Lunar gave me a set of beautiful black lace fans, which will be the perfect accessory with many of my gowns and the lovely Miss Darkling Elytis presented me with a creamy rose in a black bud vase....very elegant, a reflection of the lady who presented it, I'm sure.

After distributing the cake, Mr. Pearse and I went for a stroll around Steelhead to see the new sights. Miss Tensai was in the midst of building her treehouse...which will be spectacular when it is complete. She is also learning about building clocks and watches....her skills know no bounds. We visited awhile with Sheriff Ortega and the charming Miss Butterfly Ladybird, who is my brother's muse. We examined the new jail and we hope that the key is found soon for the cell.

The rest of my birthday evening was filled with far too tender and personal of moments to share with such gentle readers as yourselves. However, I would like to state again, that it is wonderful having so many wonderful friends, including the charming Mr. Gnarlihotep Abel and especially my most dear Edward Pearse.

On a less heartwarming note, the Sheriff still hasn't come any closer to catching the person or persons responsible for our turkey troubles. Bessie Bobbette, a guard cow, has been hired to watch the turkeys near the trainstation though. Sheriff Ortega did say he was heading to the mainland this week to investigate some very important leads, so hopefully some resolultion will occur soon. As well, some vandals broke into our hotel and proceeded to render it unusable, until Miss Tensai rolled up her sleeves and cleaned the whole mess up. Bless her heart!!! I'm not sure exactly what was done, but I do hope it did not involve our turkeys being misused even further.

At the end of the day, my birthday was very special and heartwarming. I would like to thank everyone who wished me well and an extra thank you for those who worked hard and surprised me. Thank you again!


emillyorr said...

You're more than welcome.

And yesss....I am hoping those who vandalized the hotel are caught. Promptly.

Let's hope the key to the jail is found before...they...are apprehended.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Many happy returns of the day, Miss McCallister. Post Facto.

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Many happy returns of the day, Miss McCallister. Post Facto.