Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Cleaning and the Promise of Peace

Today I was quite busy being very domestic. Spring, with it's delightful breezes and warm sunshine, prompted me to give Rosehaven a good and thorough cleaning. I dusted down the furniture, beat the carpets, shook out the draperies and otherwise returned it to it's neat and tidy appearance. I even took the liberty of tidying Mr. Abel's lair, dusting his many artifacts and works of art and making sure his supply of towels and such were in good repair. I hadn't heard from him in some time and I hoped he was managing well with his explorations.

The post came and I noticed a letter from my beloved, Mr. Pearse. How good it was to see his bold, yet neat hand on a letter addressed to me. He had been busy with the war effort in Caledon, and as such, did not accompany me to Steelhead this time. I settled myself on the porch swing and opened his letter, looking forward to his news with delight and great anticipation.

Of course, a great deal of the letter was tender sentiments which I'm sure will not interest gentle readers such as yourselves. However, he did mention a Reconcilliation ball being held this evening and he hoped I would be able to attend. What wonderful news! The war will not happen now that both sides have decided to meet together and work out their differences. I breathed a sigh of relief, the knot in my stomach loosening as the worry of my dear Edward being wounded (or possibly worse) in the event of a war slipped away. This is good news indeed.

Noting the time of the ball, I quickly changed into a dress suitable for travel and caught the next train back to Caledon. Hopefully I will be able to steal away from the Ball in Carntaigh to attend the Masquarade in Steelhead as well. Let the celebrations begin!

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Puck Goodliffe said...

I was looking forward to some violence and bloodshed. Sigh.