Friday, April 6, 2007

Voulez Vous Coucher.....

They say that Paris in April is lovely indeed, so feeling rather listless, I decided to see if the reality was as good as the rumour. After quickly packing my smallest trunk and Sir Edward grabbing his valise, we were off to Paris 1900.

Upon checking into a hotel, we hopped aboard the which took us to the main street in Paris 1900. We walked up to street level to find that indeed, Paris is as lovely as they say. I met the mayor of the fine city and was thrilled to discover that Mr. Jules Whittlesea has a gallery there as well. The edifying and genteel influences of Caledon are found everywhere. The main street was very charming with many shops and a Cafe d'Artistes. Of course, the most infamous attraction of all was the Moulin Rouge. As I had Mr. Pearse with me as an escort and it was broad daylight, I thought it may be fun to go in and see the place of notorious reputation. As the standard for attire in such places is more liberal than the norm, I decided to throw caution to the wind and dress a little more risque. Luckily, I had packed my burlesque outfit and so quickly ran back to the hotel and dressed.

Upon proceeding past the gates, we came upon a large, grassy courtyard with a very large elephant. The elephant is of such a gigantic stature that a swing was hung from it's trunk and a large scaffolding erected at the one side to get to the top of it. Mr. Pearse and I scaled the scaffolding and found a room within the elephant. It was charmingly decorated with many large, comfortable cushions and a very odd contraption that produced a noxious smoke. I attempted to get to the top of the elephant, but the lag was so horrible that I could not. It will have to be saved for another day.

After exploring the elephant, we entered the dance hall itself, I was impressed with the size of it. Many people could come here and be entertained by the "can can" and other visual delights. While the stage was off limits to the general public, I was able to take a few photographs in front of it. There was also a lovely little area just perfect for sitting and "making eyes" at your special someone too.

As enjoyable as exploring Paris 1900 was, there came a point when the combination of horrific lag and Sir Edward's pressing business issues forced us to leave. We packed our bags and headed back for Davaar, refreshed and looking forward to Easter.

I apologize that the pictures are all clumped together, but at least I was able to get some on to further illustrate Paris 1900.

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emillyorr said...

There's an elephant?

I need to go back.

Also, not that I'm normally this picky, but do pick a title for me? You can just list me as Emilly Orr...not that it's not an adequate warning, but informing gentles up front that I serve razorblade cookies might keep them from my door.


Perhaps you're right. After all, they aren't very filling...