Monday, April 30, 2007

Traitors, Poisons, Worry and Strife...with a serving of Cake

Now that my dearest Edward is resting comfortably, after his recent and most upsetting injury, I have a few moments to put pen to paper and try and make sense of the happenings of the past few days.

I made it to the ball a little late, due to the train running behind schedule, but it was apparent as I entered the doors of Carntaigh Court that the festivities were in full swing and the mood was light and cheerful. I soon spotted my dearest Sir Edward, looking ever so dashing in his uniform and he claimed me for a few waltzes. It had been so long since we had waltzed and it was wonderful to do so again. They were using a dance card system at this dance, but I had not put mine out yet...most novel idea those dance cards. Everyone was in their finery and the Kaiserine was there as well, looking charming in her lovely red gown.

After a couple of dances, Sir Edward danced with Miss Kelley and then he took the Kaiserine herself for waltz. It was then that the trouble started. Colonel Hotspur O'Toole and his band of hot headed ruffians stormed the court and claimed that they were there on behalf of "The Great and Glorious Leader Shang". I cannot believe Govenor Shang would be involved with such riff raff!!!! The crowd was shocked into silence as they read off a long list of trumped up (and no doubt ficticious) charges against the Kaiserine. Colonel O'Toole then ordered that saucy little chit, Miss Hermoinie Pennyfeather to attack Sir Edward, which she did....with a poisoned blade! What a low, cheap and underhanded thing to do!! My outrage at such an act cannot be adequately conveyed with words alone.

As Edward fell to the ground, I was in a state of shock and unable to move....I remember shrieking and running to his side after O'Toole and his band of misfit ruffians kidnapped the Kaiserine and spirited her off to parts unknown. Luckily, Miss Figaro was at hand with some of her herbs which I think helped Edward to survive his wounds. We left for Loch Avie, where he has been attended to and he's been given a mechanical orb to assist him with his duties as he recovers from his ordeal. If I ever see O'Toole or Pennyfeather....well, they will know what a woman's wrath is about.

As well, word reached me while I was in Caledon that my brother Lunar had taken ill and was being attended to by his partner, Miss Tensai. I was very concerned for him....his elven blood causes him to have ailments that I've never heard of and have less idea what to do about. He seems to be feeling better now though, for which I am thankful.

I'm sure in light of recent acts, there will be war now. I fear for Edward....if anything happens to him, I don't know what I will do. It has been suggested that his arm might not recover fully....he may have to have a mechanical one. This is of little consequence to me, the loss of his arm is nothing compared to losing him to a sniper's bullet or the cannonfire of war. I can't think of this anymore right now...the worry will make me sick.

I will have to busy myself with the preparations of my bakery. I am going to open a small shop in Steelhead, selling cakes, cookies, doughnuts and such. I hope to expand my inventory in time, but it's a start. At any rate, busying myself with baking will help keep my mind off other worries. I imagine Edward will want to remain in Caledon until this is over and I cannot leave his side....may this end quickly and swiftly, for everyone's sake.


emillyorr said...

No...Mr. O'toole? But he's seemed so charming in actually *saw* him command Miss Pennyfeather to stab Edward?!?

*snarls, goes back to sharpening blades*

Christine McAllister said...

Indeed I did Miss Orr...heard it with my own ears too. Such treachery!!!