Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Fowl Mystery Afoot

Today as I was out in the back garden of Rosehaven, feeding my chickens I noticed something that has made me very upset. One, possibly more of my chickens have gone missing! Now while these chickens are nothing like the Steelhead breed, having been imported from Caledon, they are still very dear to me none the less. Because of them, I have a steady supply of eggs for my baking, as well as eating and of course, once the older ones quit producing, I will have chicken for the stewpot as well (and we all know how comforting chicken stew is on a cold winter's night). They are also very friendly birds and would not harm anyone, unlike the Steelhead variety which was known to tackle and defeat elephants.

I did not notice any tracks around the chicken coop nor any in the yard itself. While Sheriff Ortega's club *is* next door, and he has been known to "wolf out" on occasion, I cannot for the life of me picture him stealing a few chickens. He has slightly better morals than that. I have a very solid fence around my property as well, and my dear hens like to stay in the shelter of the backyard and have never been known to stray anyhow.

Having lived through the turkey murders, I am very alarmed at the disappearance of my birds and hope to find a solution soon. Perhaps a stroll through the neighbourhood will give me some clues....

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