Friday, December 5, 2008


The house was eerily quiet, the only sound being Edward's footsteps as he went from room to room upstairs, making sure all the windows were latched and everything had been packed away. We had given the staff an early Christmas bonus and some vacation time so they'd be available when it came time to move. I sat among the multitude of crates in the main hall of Primbroke Manor, quietly surveying the outer trappings of our possessions. Outside, a thick fog smothered everything, wrapping the house like a layer of cotton batting and making it impossible to see further than a few feet beyond your nose. I looked around the grand hall of our home and sighed.

"It would seem everything has been packed and the windows are fastened tight." Edward said as he descended the staircase. "I'll lock the front doors behind us when we leave."

I rose to my feet. "Everything will stay here until the move?" I asked.

"Yes, the Guv'nah hasn't given his approval for the move yet, so Primbroke Manor will have to serve as a storage until we can move. Are you ready to go my love?" Edward asked.

"We might as well. I doubt this fog will lift and it's getting chilly in here. I want to get to Steelhead as soon as possible, preferably in the daylight."

Edward smiled softly at me and escorted me out. He carefully locked the main doors behind us and pocketed the key. He paused for a few moments, deep in his thoughts and then turned to face me. I took his arm and gave it a gentle squeeze, understanding implicitly how he felt about having to leave. I gave him a small smile and we walked to the bridge in silence.

The fog had coated every branch, twig and blade of grass with a thick layer of hoar frost. It made our footsteps nearly soundless and it made for a bit of a surreal experience walking through it. When the sun reemerged, it would be a beautiful sight, everything covered in a layer of sparking frost. It would be breathtaking to behold.

We boarded the train and settled into our comparment for our journey to Steelhead. I was looking forward to returning to my first home for a visit, spending time with old friends, neighbours and family. Rosehaven would seem small after Primbroke Manor, but it would also be cozy and snug. It would be good to have a rest and restore ourselves before the big move. The train slowly pulled out of Victoria City station and we glided through the fog towards Steelhead.

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