Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Don't Unpack Your Trunks....We're Moving Again!

I don't think the dust had even settled at our Highlands home when my dear Edward received notice that a substantial tract of land had become available, not in our beloved Caledon as we had hoped but in our good neighbour of Winterfell. I know I had not even unpacked a single thing from the many crates that stood about in the house and we were making arrangements to get everything shipped to Winterfell Harbour.

Since I was away for this, I kept in touch with what was happening through telegrams and letters from my beloved. He had mentioned a few issues with our land in the Highlands, namely a person who thought it was his God-given right to traipse through people's homes (even with locked doors) and then be rude to the land owner. Hello to Banville my dear sir! As well, Edward had been wanting a large tract of land to be creative with and this opportunity was too good to pass up. So we are on the move again.

On the land was a very large manor house, which is quite a bit larger than Davaar. It's been fun sorting out what to do with all the space and what should go where. Of course, there's a lot of possibilities for gardening too, and plenty of space for flying or sailing. Hopefully soon we will have things set to rights and will be able to have a housewarming function. Until then, please feel free to stop by on your travels. We look forward to seeing you!

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