Monday, October 29, 2007

Random Musings

I sit with a cup of piping hot tea within reach, the pot keeping at a suitable temperature under it's cozy and put pen to paper to jot down a few things about the past weeks.

It has been a busy time...I have been kept very busy with special orders, the food for Baron Wulfenbach's Consulate grand opening, the special tea sandwiches for Mrs. Warburton's tea party this upcoming Sunday as well as a couple of special cakes. Of course, one mustn't forget the whirl of gaiety that swirls around us in both Caledon and Steelhead. It has been a busy time indeed.

Now that I've completed my custom orders, all except one, I had a moment to look around Davaar and notice that it was in dire need of a thorough going over before winter set in. All the white linens were boiled with lemons and hung out to dry in the late autumn sun, so they'd be white as the snow that will soon be upon us. Carpets were taken out to the garden and beaten, releasing the dust of summer trapped within the fibres. All the windows were washed and polished with old newspaper to make them sparkle. I had the chimneys cleaned (what a shortage of good chimney sweeps we have in Caledon!) and everything was scrubbed and polished to it's best. Tiresome job, but necessary to keep the estate up to it's best form. I'm sure Rosehaven will require a similar treatment, but as it is smaller, the work will be less.

I look forward to the coming of winter this year. Last year, I did not have a place to call my own until two days before Christmas, when I was fortunate to be able to lease Madame BlueRock Dimsum's house in Steelhead. What a difference a year makes! Now not only do I have a loving husband who is more than I could have possibly dreamed of, I have two homes to decorate for the season! I am also looking forward to going skating. I had purchased skates last year and then it seemed the very next day winter was over. I know my Beloved and I have discussed hosting a skating party at Davaar sometime in the new year.

I suppose I ought to get back to work. Edward will be arriving home soon from working on his latest project and I should be sure dinner will be ready. What man wouldn't like coming home to a house that has a merry fire crackling in the hearth, a hearty meal on the table and everything at it's sparkling best? We will have to decide what delightful things we will leave for the ghouls and goblins that will come calling on All Hallow's Eve and then I imagine we will have a quiet evening in, Edward reading the paper or going over the blueprints for his newest build and I with my knitting or needlework.

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emillyorr said...

I think you will adore skating. I acquired skates at the beginning of the winter season, and some days, stayed on the ice for hours! It's wonderful.