Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gliding on Ice

Monday was her Grace, the Duchess of Middlesea's rez day. In honour of this, his Grace, the Duke of Greystoke hosted a skating party for all to enjoy. I was delighted to hear that my beloved Edward was going to be providing the musical accompaniment, so nothing would interfere with us being able to attend.

While I do not know her Grace very well, what I have seen of her has been very telling of what sort of person she is. Always pleasant and kind, finding good to speak of everyone and of a quiet yet fun loving nature, Gloire (if I may be so bold as to address her by her first name) seems to be a lovely lady and very much deserving of a splendid party.

An overhead view of the skating area

Gnarli had gone to a good deal of effort preparing an area for skaters to test their mettle. For those who wanted to observe or rest, plenty of seating was available as well. While Edward set up his musical apparatus, I strapped on my skates and hoped for the best.

Guests preparing to skate or testing their balance

There was a good mix of people at the party, including some that I've never met before. One lady was dressed as a snow fairy, which I thought was rather enchanting and suitable. She was with another lady who was dressed in darker clothes, but they did skate together quite gracefully.

The Snow Fairy and friend, with Mrs. Peterman in the background

Gnarli and Glorie, ice dancing. They are rumoured to be courting and I wish them both every happiness

I believe his Grace must have had the ice enchanted, as I was able to skate far better than I had even dreamed possible. All sorts of fancy skating was seen, tricky steps that normally would fill my heart with dread. Edward and I coasted around the ice surface, as free as the wind and skating in perfect harmony. What a splendid time!

A tricky spin

Even my dear brother Lunar decided to drop in for some of the fun. He managed to get himself into a snowball fight with Miss Poppy (whom I think was winning and plastering his elven butt with snowballs as quick as you please). Sleigh rides for two were also free for the taking if one was not inclined to prepare for snowball battle (although, no promises you'd not get hit anyhow!)

Sadly, the night came to the end and my beloved and I had to depart. We had a splendid time though, and hope the Duchess of Middlesea has many more rezz days to come!


Diamanda Gustafson said...

It was indeed a splendid evening, and Edward's musical selections spot on!


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