Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let Me Call You Sweetheart...

It is hard to believe that it has been one full year since Edward and I were handfasted above Loch Avie. What a year it has been!
In one year's time, Edward learned that he was the Earl of Primbroke, and more recently the Duke of Argylle. We have moved from our lovely home, Davaar, in Caledon Cay to the Highlands to Winterfell Harbourside and finally to Caledon Argylle (which we are still working on settling in drop by though, or enjoy the space to boat or picnic lunch on the beach).
We also managed to survive the first massive SLRFL, the Egg War, the Harvest Festival, the Winter Season and many, many, many other events which keep our social calendars rather full (so please don't ask why I've not written anything in mine as of to my typist). We've explored new lands, shared many ideas, worked together on projects (yes, Eugenia, I've not forgotten about your farmhouse! :-D) and otherwise enjoyed spending time in each other's company. My respect and admiration for Edward has deepend in this past year.
Traditionally, the handfasting ceremony is for a year and a day. Due to RL obligations, we will not be able to hold a renewal ceremony that day, but I assure you all that we are remaining together and we will have a party as soon as RL simmers down a bit. Besides, we caused enough offense last year having our ceremony the day we did, with certain parties ;-) I'm certain Argylle will be the venue of choice and those wanting to come and celebrate with us will be able to explore our home at their leisure too. Edward has been very busy with certain projects and I look forward to seeing him complete them when he has more time.
I would like to thank Edward for sharing this past year with me as his wife. It has been a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to the times ahead with me at his side. Happy Anniversary my love!


Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Thank you my beloved. It has been my honour to have you with me. I look forward to you being there in the future as well.

Darien Mason said...

Let me wish a Happy Anniversary to you both, Sir and Madam! Your mutual love and unswerving devotion set an example for us all!

Darien Mason said...

May I wish a Happy Anniversary do you both! Your unending love and unswerving devotion for each other set an example for us all!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You are both an inspiration to me. Thank you for the support and excellent advice :)

Fogwoman Gray

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

Congradulations Christine & Edward.

A toast, many more to come.