Monday, December 17, 2007

Shiver Me Timbers!!!!!!

Move over Captain Jack! Saturday night saw a very special event take place aboard the Jolly Pidgeon which had made berth at the Steelhead docks. In hopes of getting Steelhead Harbourside up and running, we held a fundraiser and was it successful! Not only that, but what is better than a pirate dance? A pirate dance with bare chested men! *fans herself*

Indeed. It was a night to remember. Lunar decided to set the topless bar at L$15K. He should have set it higher (told ya bro). The men had stripped to their waists by 7:20pm. Ladies, bless you for having such generous natures. ;-)

So without further ado, I present to you the images I was able to capture that night. Lately, things have been very slow to rezz for me and unfortunatly, I was not able to capture pictures of all the men in their topless state as some appeared to be wearing shirts until nearly the end of the dance. I *know* that none of the men shirked their duty (bless their hearts!) and I'm certain you will see evidence of them on other journals. As well, I didn't capture any picture of the brave ladies who went topless when the pot hit L$60K. Sorry fellas!

Our very fine, obviously easy on the eyes Sheriff, Fuzzball Ortega

Yummy! And this is all mine! Ladies, eat your hearts out! ;-D

Aza, showing he has the heart for Steelhead (literally!)

Lunar (or "Abs" as he's been dubbed by Miss Burton) showing his stuff

A view of some of the revellers

Do I really need to explain this? *giggles*

Thank you to all our fine gentlemen who lost their shirts for Steelhead. As one of the ladies in the crowd, let me just say was a night for drool buckets, with or without Robbie Williams playing. In fact, I think the water levels in the harbour went up about 6 inches. Thanks again fellas! It was truly a night to remember!!!

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Eladrienne Laval said...

That was fun indeed!!! Steelhead has so many handsome gents!