Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Steelhead Chippendales....well Almost

This Saturday, from 7-9 pm SLT, feel free to come down to the Steelhead Docks for a very special dance. The Jolly Pidgeon is being brought out of retirement for a pirate style dance on board. This dance is also a fundraiser for the sim, in hopes that we will be able to get Steelhead Harbourside from being a map to being up and running. Miss Eugenia wants her farm folks!

There will be a tip jar out and once a certain figure has been reached, the gracious (and good looking) men of Steelhead have agreed to remove their shirts for the remainder of the evening. As well, our dear Sheriff Fuzzball Ortega announced that if all the plots were booked, he'd even wear a grass skirt. Lunar suggested he might even do less clothing than that. ;-)

Of course, once the Steelhead men have lost their shirts, the other men in the crowd are more than welcome to bare their chests as well.

Now I know what some of you men might be thinking... "Why would I want to go to a dance where the men remove their shirts???" Gentlemen, may I point out to you that such a dance will draw ladies...lots of ladies. Pirate ladies. Who knows what may happen?? ;-)

The Men of Steelhead are: TotalLunar Eclipse, Fuzzball Ortega, Edward Pearse, Aza Zymurgy, Darien Mason, Hawc Decosta, Remington Pinion, Hotspur O'Toole, Phineas Messmer and Dominic Roffo. If you are a gentleman who is either currently renting or has your name down for a plot in Harbourside and would like to participate, please let me know.

Thank you and see you at the docks on Saturday, December 15 from 7-9pm SLT. Bring your lindens and let's party!


Frau Lowey said...

Oh, dear - I'll have to raid the mad money this weekend!

TotalLunar Eclipse said...

I'll wear less?

Christine McAllister said...

If I recall dear brother, you mentioned something about you and nude and a few other details being mentioned in the same sentence. I'll refrain from expanding on that as some of the more delicate readers may be shocked and astounded. However, after viewing your erections.....pardon me, *buildings* in Steelhead, they might not be so shocked as one might think. *grins saucily and tosses a snowball at you for good measure*

Baron K. Wulfenbach said...


Frau Lowey told me I had been volunteered, I believe?

I suppose the only question I might be allowed is 'kilt or trousers?'


Klaus Wulfenbach

Christine McAllister said...

The choice is yours Baron. Whichever you feel more comfortable in. Of course, quick changes aren't unheard of either. ;-) Thanks for being a good sport an participating!

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Is there ever really a question of kilt or trousers? Come now, Baron.