Monday, July 2, 2007

The Case of the Missing Art

After resting a couple days at Davaar (and washing, ironing and putting away the laundry), Sir Edward and I set off for Steelhead. I wanted to check on Rosehaven and my bakery, while Sir Edward wanted to update his wares at his shop. It was a pleasant trip and we chatted happily while our train whisked along the track.

Upon disembarking, Sir Edward set off to his shop while I went to Rosehaven to air it out after being closed up for so long. I unlocked the door and heard the happy purrs of our cat, Laudanum, who was curled up in his basket by the parlour fireplace. I had asked Mr. Abel to feed him periodically, even though he does keep quite fat and sassy on mice.

Once my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the foyer (the blinds all having been drawn) I was immediately taken over by surprise. Two of Mr. Able's artworks were missing from the foyer! I could not believe my eyes! My heart in my throat, I dashed up the stairs to his lair to see everything was, ancient Egyptian artifacts, everything!!! I was certain that we had been set upon by thieves who specialised in art and rare artifacts. I ran down the stairs again and flew out the door, running pell mell to the Sheriff's office, losing hairpins (and my hat) along the way.

Upon arriving at the jail, I saw a notice tacked to the door that Sheriff Ortega had been called away on urgent business and was out of town. What to do now?! I hurried back to the house, hoping Sir Edward would arrive soon.

It was upon my return that I noticed the thick envelope of fine stock paper sitting on the hall table. I recognized Mr. Abel's distinctive hand immediately and tore it open. Inside was a letter telling me that the work on Abledown had been completed and that he would be moving this things there as the management of his estate was going to require his full attention. I had been to his fine manor in Kittiwickshire which it was being renovated and knew that he spoke the truth. Such an estate would need the master of the house to be home to make sure the servants did their jobs properly and to keep it from falling into disrepair again. Feeling very relieved, I was able to set about airing out Rosehaven and fixing my rather wild and unruly hair do.

It will be odd to not hear his measured footsteps pacing the floor as he works out some of the ancient texts he had, or to hear him creatively cursing as he burns his toast as he toasts it over the fire in the fireplace. He and I had shared a common roof for sometime, but change is never ending and I am glad that he has a place of his own that is in keeping with his excellent taste. I'm sure in time it will be the scene of many social events and gatherings. I will confess I won't miss the laundry though.....that man had a bad habit of making a mountain of towels....very fastidious about his cleanliness indeed!

By the time Sir Edward had finished checking his shop and restocking it, I had made a light dinner which we enjoyed before spending the evening on the porch swing, breathing in the scent of the climbing roses and talking about many things. We discussed what to do with the attic, came to no firm conclusions and then went off to bed, to rest up for the next day. I *did* manage to decide to repaper the foyer (again), strictly to cover up the nail holes in the wall, I assure you! *grins* So beings another new chapter at Rosehaven.

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Amber_Palowakski said...

Your life has been filled with alot of changes! I hope you enjoy your wedded bliss, and wish you success!