Thursday, July 26, 2007

Surprising News

Last week my dear Edward received some rather shocking news with the evening post. We were comfortably settled in at Davaar when we heard the mailman pass and a very large, very thick envelope was shoved (very forcibly, might I add) through the mail slot and landed with a very heavy thud on the floor. My beloved went and retrieved it, pondering the odd address from the Law Firm of Sue, Grabbit and Runne. Since that is not the firm my husband deals with, it added to the mystery. He was about to go up to his office to get the letter opener (he's very careful with his correspondence you know) but the suspense was killing me, so I showed him how a hairpin will do the trick and is far more portable too.

The contents of the envelope were very surprising. Amongst all the legal mumbo jumbo and rhetoric it said that Sir Edward was now the Earl of Primbroke, due to his cousin passing away in a brewery explosion (he must have died happy is all I can say). We were both rather astounded by this news. I knew that Edward had rather high born ancestors and relatives, but as I had not had the pleasure of making any of their acquaintances just yet (except his distant cousins, the Duchesses), the realisation hadn't fully dawned upon me. Edward has been in constant contact with his solicitors since the arrival of this envelope, finding out what is all involved with the title.

So this now means that I am a Countess. The very thought of that makes my knees slightly trembly and a wee bit weak. As many of you gentle readers may know (and for those of you who don't, I direct you to my very first post in this journal), I come from rather ordinary people. My father was a rather hot headed, adventuresome Irishman (Sir Hotspur O'Toole reminds me of him so very much!)who was a very hard worker and determined to better himself and his family the best he could. My mother was the daughter of an English merchant, a gentlewoman and she did her very best to school me in the domestic arts and social graces expected of a lady. However, the plains of Rupert's land aren't exactly the best French Finishing school, so I know my manners could stand to be honed and refined and my tongue bridled at times.

All these thoughts pass through my mind as I stand here at the dressmakers, having yet another fitting of my gown. I've settled on an elegant gown with lace trim and overlay on parts of the skirt. White gloves, my diadem and other jewels will complete the ensemble. I'm sure my parents, were they still alive, would be quite happy for me and delighted that I married a man that not only loves me dearly, is talented, charming, handsome, very intelligent, witty and kind but is also well placed socially. I'm sure my father would bring out the finest whisky he brought with him from his homeland and pass it around, smiling broadly with the merry twinkle in his eye. My mother too, would be delighted and doing her best to look composed, even though she would be nearly bursting with happiness.

I've sent off a letter to my brother Gunnar, hoping it meets him somewhere in his travels and of course told Lunar of my happy news. He is looking forward to the investature ball and hopes to attend. I look forward to the ball as well, and pray that the dressmaker will have this gown completed in time!


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Diamanda Gustafson said...

Congrats, Lady Primbroke.

Your gown will be most exquisite ;)

Her Grace, Eva Bellambi said...

Kiss Kiss, my dear Lady Primbroke.

I will smiling from ear to ear at the Investiture Ball. I am so pleased.

emillyorr said...

How much fun for you!

You'll adapt stunningly, you know. The upper crust will adore you, I'm absolutely positive of this, humble beginnings or no.