Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've made my favorite thing for dinner tonight.....a Reservation!!!

The worst thing about summer is having to be in the kitchen, hovering over a hot stove, trying to make something that is tasty. With the intense heat that July brings, I have been trying to avoid being near the stove any longer than I have to be, and so, for dinner have been relying on fruit, cheese and either muffins or scones to get us by. However, I did not want to try Edward's constitution or his temper too much longer with such delicate fare. Everyone knows that men need heartier food, namely meats to sustain themselves.

So, it came to pass that I was standing in the kitchen, my head thrust into the icebox, pondering what to make Sir Edward and I for dinner when my beloved walked in the door from being in the city attending to his business matters. I had stood with the icebox door open long enough to have the butter in a state of extreme softness and the milk in peril of not being sweet much longer...not to mention making it necessary to empty the drip pan under the icebox. A smile played about my dear Edward's lips as my upper half emerged from the icebox, still looking rather hot, cross and in much need of a cool bath. Wisely, he said nothing but drew me to him for an embrace before leading me upstairs to assist me with a sponge's rather difficult to reach parts of your back unaided you know. It was then he told me of Mr. Szondi's restaurant and that he wanted to take me there for dinner.

Once I was dressed in a fresh summer frock, we set off for "Fortune, Empress of the World", located in Caledon Cay. Mr Szondi had the foresight to put it on a ship, which makes it an interesting venue and rather unique.

On the upper deck of the ship is a dance floor, complete with sound system and plenty of room to dance the night away. However, it is below decks where the diningroom is to be found.

I must confess when I first laid eyes on the establishment, I did not set my hopes to high on what sort of fare would be offered there. I thought perhaps a couple of fish dishes and perhaps clam chowder would be what we could choose from. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Szondi presented us with our menus! Such selection!!! It was truly a challenge to decide what to have, as each item looked delicious and it had been quite some time that I had been to a restaurant that offered such a wide range of dishes. I finally settled on the roast beef and Edward chose the roast beef as well. When our meals appeared, the mouth water aromas and the tasteful presentation upon the plate whetted our appetites that much further. Each mouthful was pure heaven and the meal was prepared to the highest standards for the most discriminating palate. Of course there was a dessert menu too, and we sampled that as well. I am very pleased to report that "CPR Strawberries" (otherwise known as stewed prunes) were nowhere to be found on the menu. While I'm sure those of you with regularity issues will be saddened to hear this, the rest of the general public will no doubt be relieved.

Afterwards, we danced on the deck, under the glow of the lights that shone softly on the ship and enjoyed the coolness of the night air. It was a wonderful evening and I was thankful for the respite from cooking.

Mr. Szondi also sells his wonderful placemats, so having takeaway to your home will never be an issue again! If you are interested in visiting Fortune: Empress of the World, Mr. Szondi is having his grand opening this Saturday, August 4th at about 4 pm SLT. I highly recommend his restaurant and he says it is available for all sorts of functions.


Gabrielle Riel said...

I am so pleased that you and Edward had such an enjoyable evening at Mr. Szondi's new establishment!

I will be playing for his Grand Opening, which is this Saturday, Aug. 4 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm SLT.

Let's all show him our support for this wonderful new venue in Caledon!

Amber_Palowakski said...

I definitely will have to visit, and hopefully will be off of work in time for the opening event.