Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Open This End First

The day has dawned with a slight breeze and the birds of Loch Avie singing happily from their nests in the trees. I am sitting outside of Edward's tent as I write this, sipping on a cup of tea and enjoying toast with a soft boiled egg to break my fast.

Why am I out in the elements, "roughing it" in the wilds do you ask? The answer, dear reader, is rather complex and convoluted, but I will do my best to cast some light upon this.

It all started Monday evening when Sir Edward and I decided to meet with friends at The Falling Anvil, a very popular gathering spot in Caledon. We had arranged to meet at 8pm, but due circumstances beyond our control (namely Sir Edward having been asked to be in the "Exotic Men of Caledon" photo shoot and Miss Poppy taking his picture, with the photo shoot running a tad late due to lag and crashing) we were a little bit late. When we arrived, we heard reports that the members of the Blue team arrived upon bouncing cows (for milkshakes perhaps??) and hoo'ing until, well, the cows came home. Lt. Col. Hotspur O'Toole had decided to test out his new mount, an ostrich, that night as well, which is swift and speedy, but I didn't hear if it bounced or not.

Discussion ensued about which end of an egg is the correct one to open to enjoy the tasty morsels enclosed within the shell. Everyone who is anyone knows that the little end is the proper end to open. Only people with terrible co-ordination, poor fine motor skills or arthritis would even bother to open the large end first. As well, anyone with an ounce of sense knows that the egg naturally wants to sit upright, so therefore, the little end is also the most logical end. It astounds me that there are people in this day and age who are so patently ignorant of the correct way of doing things. Have they not read "Mrs. Beeton's"? Any ettiquette manual will tell you the same as well.

A friendly wager was stated by Col. Scaggs, the leader of the charming, but errant Blue team, the funds of which will go to the SLRFL (the whole reason for this "war"). He suggested one hundered thousand dollars. I do hope he has come from money or is sitting on a very tidy sum in his bank account as he will need it.....big end indeed!

So, here we sit today, at camp, which we set up last night. Loch Avie is such a lovely location and it has ample space for the troops to do their drills and practice whatever manuevers they need to do. Of course, it is tastefully outfitted and appointed, in a manner embraced by any civilised person. I am rather looking forward to this endeavour....the fresh air and comaraderie will be a nice change from being cooped up in the kitchen.

On a side note, and totally unrelated to the war, my dear friend Miss Emilly Orr had her rez day party last night, held in the newly opened Taiyou House in Steelhead City. It was a lovely party, with my beloved providing the music for part of the evening. Mr. Fawkes Allen made a most unusual and interesting cake that screamed...most peculiar, I think I'll let him corner the market on that type of cake *grins*. It was a lovely party and I wish Miss Em another wonderful year (but hopefully less stressful) in SL and a success with Taiyou House (the bordello in Steelhead for those of you who aren't sure).

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emillyorr said...

Yes, Taiyou is open!

Now I need to hire more girls...and make sure the teleports work...and figure out what to charge...and who can staff it when...and what events will be held and when...and of we're having contests...and if I need a financial backer...and...and...and...

A Madame's work is never done. :)