Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Day Harry Potter Ruled the Grid (or at least select parts of it)

Last Friday it seemed everywhere that I tend to frequent was having a party in honour of the latest (and last) book in the Harry Potter series. While some people have sneered at the books, calling them pap for babies and such, I am not ashamed to say that I really rather enjoy reading them. While I don't think the meaning of life will be found in amongst the pages, I do find they are pleasant and a nice diversion from the ordinary.

So, it was with great pleasure I set off to the parties with my beloved, in our wizardy and witchy best (which some people might say that it's my true persona but they aren't telling me anything I didn't know already!!!). I must confess that Edward makes Snape's attire look exceedingly attractive and it was a challange to refrain from seeing if I could charm him out of it before the parties. First we spirited off to Lovelace for the party there (please refer to Sir Edward's blog for pics of this) and then dashed off on our Nimbus 2000's for the festivities in Steelhead. It was in Steelhead that I let CHED out to play for awhile, and he enjoyed looking at all the sights, including learning about Transfiguration.

Tensai, the resident war goddess of Steelhead, did a remarkable job of transforming the Kokiopelli stage area into a room reminicent of Hogwart's main hall, floating candles hovering above us, bookcases and a bubbling cauldron serving double duty as the dance machine.

Among those in attendance were Tonks (Emilly Orr), Remus Lupin (Fawkes, which I think he should have played up on his name and come as a phoenix, but that's my opinion), Fleur (Lumina)and of course other wizardy folk, dancing away to the magic that DJ Ortega spins every Friday.

All in all, it was a very fun evening and I rather enjoyed lighting a few fires under people's backsides with my Incendio spell. CHED had a few encounters with a rather persistant skull but I think he got away rather unscathed, but with offers for a place to dwell, should he ever want to. I wonder what else I can use my spells for....hmmmmm.


Amber_Palowakski said...

Sounds like that party was fun as well. I should have went there too.

emillyorr said...

Oh, we had grand fun.

I may walk about as Tonks again, in fact, I loved the outfit. :)

And if a Harry Potter night ever happens again...I shall definitely point out the phoenix idea. Hard as that may be to dance, then, but...sometimes style must supercede someone in your arms...