Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Order of the Nightingale

Last evening saw a remarkable event being held in the Duchy of Carntaigh. Her Grace, the Duchess of Carntaigh threw a grand ball in honour of her new court that she has named. The festivities were held on a platform across from Coughton Court, so the views were magnificent.

The evening started at 7 pm SLT. I had dressed early at Davaar (because that gave me more time to sit about and get very, VERY nervous) and awaited Sir Edward's return home. I waited and waited and finally he arrived, late due to the trolleys and trains running behind schedule, thanks to lag. He hurriedly dressed and off we went.

Before I get into the events of the evening, I must speak about my gown. I decided to go with a french Maison de Couture for this event. Miss Diamanda Gustafson (affectionately known as Lady Whoop-Ass among her friends) had told me of this place and upon seeing their garments, I was won over. My gown came from Tres Beau, in the Lace sim (do IM me for a Landmark, you won't regret it). The gowns there are lovely and quite sensibly priced for what you get. I chose to go with a heavy satin gown with gold embroidery on the skirt, train and bodice. The shirred and laced bodice was also accented by gold lace and satin roses on the decollete, back and sleeves (which were rather primmy, the front bit of "fluff" alone was 192 prims!!! Ack!!!). White gloves, stockings, shoes and my ruby earrings and diadem completed my ensemble.

Edward looked even more handsome than usual (if that is possible!) in his attire acquired from Miss Fuschia Begonia's shop. In fact, all the men wore the same garments, which I thought looked rather nice indeed.

The dance progressed as most Caledon dances do, with partners being rotated every 15 minutes. Sadly, the two never ending Caledon dance issues were there.....far too much lag and far too few men. However, in between dances with my beloved, I had a lovely chat with Mrs. Edwina Heron, who threw a surprise birthday party for her husband earlier in the week. She had on a lovely pink gown from Adam and Eve...I really must go and see it.

Some of the many dancers at the ball

At 8 pm, the dancing was halted and the Duchess of Carntaigh announced and presented her court to the crowd. While I knew I was being named Countess of Primbroke, I was in for a surprise. She had decided to elevate the Ladies of her courts by Knighting them as well! I received the Order of the Nightingale for my assistance to Her Grace with various functions and activities and otherwise being available to help her when she's been pressed for time (and let's be honest, she's a very busy woman who's talents are very much in demand....she needs any extra hands who are willing to help). I am very honoured that Her Grace has bestowed this upon me and will continue to do be of service to her in the future. I hope the Duchess will be able to post in her journal what she said that evening, as her words were kind and touching.

Afterwards, the dancing continued. I was favoured with a dance from the ever dashing Colonel Somme, who's witty conversation and compliments turn any party into one to be remembered and then by the charming Major Zuhal. Stars twinkled down upon us as we whirled around the dancefloor, the conversations swirling around, mimicking the movement of the ladies' skirts.

The Earl and Countess of Primbroke in their finery.

At the end of the evening, there were fireworks, set to music, which was the perfect end to such a splendid and wonderful event. Vivat Caledon!

My beloved Edward and I back home at Davaar with our medals.


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Ahhh, Lag I can ddo little about, but being a man and being able dance I can :)

I maybe a gazelle shaped man, but I have a lovely tux and some neat footwork. And I work for free!

Eladrienne Laval said...

That was quite a lovely evening! Congratulations upon receiving the Order of the Nightingale.

And I do love Tres Beau dresses very much--I must own six or seven of them! She does beautiful work and your gown was very pretty.

Diamanda Gustafson said...

I can only agree with Miss Laval with everything she said - I was also sporting a Tres Beau on the Presentation night and was more than happy with it. I was more than happy to point you towards that direction!

And of course, all kinds of congradulations that have already been said, are in order.

DG, POC, OWR. ;)