Thursday, August 30, 2007

Things to Look Forward To

As many of you know, Caledon and Steelhead are having a Harvest Festival, from September 9th though to the 15th. Many events and activities are in the works, but I would like to share a few that require some prior work if you care to participate.

Steelhead will be having an art show the entire week. Any interested artists (and we would like to include sculptures in this) please contact me (Christine McAllister) for particulars.

As well, we are also having a scarecrow building contest. The rules are as follows: Must be 30 prim or less, NO mega prim, and it must be your own build. Please drop a no mod/no copy version on me by Monday, September 10th at the latest and I will place it out in Steelhead. The scarecrows will be judged by visitors and the winner will be announced at our dance on Friday (7-9pm, Kokopelli stage, Wizard of Oz theme). There are prizes awarded. If you win and are unable to attend the dance due to prior engagments or time zone differences, you will still get your prize.

Other things that we will be having are a horse race, a tea on September 10 from 2-4 pm STL, pumpkin treasure hunt (pumpkins filled with goodies from various merchants) and of course there will be things to see and try around Steelhead for the entire week. As we lack the population of Caledon most of our events and activities will be out for the duration for people to try and experience, regardless of time zones.

This combined event should be fun for everyone and I hope that you will be able to attend. Please keep checking back for further details.!


emillyorr said...

Which reminds me--I need more details on the kissing booth! Are there animations, hours of operation, how best to convince Lunar not to storm off...

*ducks, grinning*

Christine McAllister said...

Oh heavens! Yes, we need to get that sorted out...I've been dealing with a couple other slightly larger, far more troublesome problems and rather forgot! Let's discuss it at the meeting or just after tonight.

emillyorr said...

Either, though the poses have been found and I'm now wondering about the booth itself...I'm figuring, 5p-7p SLT?

And then the Wizard of Oz dance, yes?

Hotspur O'Toole said...

Thanks for the tremendous effort on the Harvest Festival, Lady P. I'm kind of a autumnal sort of guy, and I loved the events both in Steelhead and in Caledon.