Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What a weekend! While I was unable to attend Friday night's festivities due to my human having to contend with some rather dire RL things, I was back in world on Saturday, although my human was feeling rather "out at the elbows" as she had only 3 hrs of sleep the night prior, in a cot that attempted to fold itself back up while she was in it.

So, needless to say, Saturday evening we were moving at a somewhat slower pace than normal. I was busy attending to any and all last minute details that popped up for the American Civil War Ball, to be held on the Sunday. My brother, Lunar and I were running here and there getting last minute items, and his charming wife was with us, showing me some lovely sculptie prims that I had asked her to make for me, for a commissioned cake. My beloved was noticably absent, doing something "super sekret", and since he began asking me for my cake recipes my suspicion began to raise it's weary head and I thought perhaps something was afoot.

Sure enough, my love asked if I would please dress, as he wanted to take me some place special in honour of my Rezz Day. I inwardly groaned as the thought of having to decide what to wear was really almost too much for me at that point, but I settled on a gown I had not yet worn in public, one that was capable of being worn in Caledon or abroad without looking out of place. Ladies, if you are interested, I bought it at Ivalde....wonderful shop, bring your lindens, prepare to leave them at the shop.

So, I was aware that something was going to happen, but unaware of the particulars when the carriage arrived to whisk me away to my special evening.....and what an evening it was!!!

I found myself in the hall of Coughton Court, with a crowd of friends who assembled together to help me celebrate one year of lots of insanity and very little sleep! What a wonderful surprise! Her Grace, the Duchess of Carntaigh, Gabrielle Riel provided the music...including 25....that's right folks....TWENTY FIVE minutes of solid Robbie Williams......am I a happy girl or what?!?!?! *swoons*

Some of the crowd assembled

My brother TotalLunar Eclipse and Miss Emilly Orr

Some more of the partygoers getting down and having fun!

Caledon Synchronised dancing!

I rezzed out a picture of me at day 2 of my life in SL (which I must confess now, that while I did sign up for SL on August 26th, I was unable to actually get in world until the 30th of September, due to an old crock of a computer that lacked the jam to do it) and then a more recent picture as well. My dearest Edward added to the collection, as did the Duchess (a picture from our Ladies Night Out experiment *Grins*) and my brother added a few as well. Rather overpowering!!

The Wall of Pictures being built

The full wall

The partying and dancing continued for quite some time. My dearest Edward took over the music from the Duchess after a couple of hours and the fun carried on. I honestly cannot recall the last time I had such an enjoyable, carefree evening. But then.....Dr. Who was played and low and behold if we weren't invaded by Daleks! I don't know if they were on the guest list, but I supposed that wouldn't stop them anyhow. Luckily, the crowd was very used to dealing with them and other than Miss Em getting singed a bit, they were dispatched in good order (but I think they had fun while they were there).

The Daleks getting down and bustin' a move

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and as much as I would have loved to have stayed for several more hours, my human was starting to feel like she would drop at the keyboard, so the party had to be wound down.

I would like to thank my dearest Edward, her Grace Gabrielle, my brother and his lovely partner, Miss Gustafson and everyone else who had a hand in my surprise party. It is very heartwarming to be thought of so well and to have had you all there with me to celebrate a full year of precious little sleep and a whole lot of fun in Second Life. Thank you so very much! :-D

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Diamanda Gustafson said...

I'm as glad as I could be part of this as sad for not being able to attend.

I'd really really like to have seen the wall of pictures ;)