Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Enjoyable Evening

On Monday evening, my beloved suggested we go and do something, to get away from our work and just do a little exploring together. After some discussion, we decided it would be a good idea to take our horses out for some exercise as they were becoming quite fat and sassy, being in the stables most of the time and not getting nearly enough excercise.

We went to AKK Ranch, where you can also obtain a horse of your preference. They also sell horses now with armour as well as Pegusus (or would that be Pegusi?) with the usual assortment of dun's, roans and unicorns. They also have riding trails, which is what we set out to explore.

The trails were very well done and enjoyable to follow. We were curious about a trail that appeared to go straight up a mountainside and prompted our steeds to attempt the climb. They managed to get up the incline quite easily and we found ourselves in the middle of a Dragon's Lair!

The dragons seemed to be quite friendly (obviously, or I'd not be able to tell you of our adventure, you'd be reading my obituary instead, assuming my bones were recovered) and quite content in their mountaintop home. After looking over their abode, we continued with our explorations.

We meandered through lush meadows, where deer were grazing in the grass that was swaying gently in the breeze. We encountered a valley of wild horses, who inspite of being untamed, were very calm when we drew near. We enjoyed looking at the beautiful scenery and surprises tucked here and there along the trail. Finally, after fording a rather deep stream we came across what appeared to be a very large slide that emptied into the lake. Of course, my dearest (being male and we know how boys are) had to go down this slide with his trusty horse not once, but three times (mostly because I couldn't get a picture until the 3rd try!). I am told it was certainly appeared to be so!

The trails held many delights, including an area that was rather snowy and wintry, most likely due to a higher elevation. There was a cheery fire lit, so we paused for awhile to give our mounts a rest as we warmed ourselves by the blaze. I'm am thinking Mr. and Mrs. Snowman must be made of rather firm stuff to be able to sit by the fire and not melt away.

All told, I would recommend the AKK horse trails for anyone wanting to test their mettle, see some beautiful scenery or just have some quite moments. There are many little niches, nooks and crannies around the trails where a person can spend some time alone, with a special someone or with a group even, having a good time. I know Edward and I rather enjoyed ourselves and will no doubt be back again, looking to explore the sims in greater depth. As it was though, it was an excellent place to go to spend some time together, and we returned to our duties refreshed by the time spent in the wonderful surroundings and in quiet conversation.

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